Soi Bangla , Heart of Patong Nightlife

Soi Bangla , Heart of Patong Nightlife

Soi Bangla or Bangla Road is party central and the heart of the nightlife in Patong Beach. It is a 400-metre long main road that starts from Rat-U-Thit Road and ends at Thawewong Road in front of Patong Beach area. Soi Bangla is the centre of the bustling nightlife activities and other famous branch streets named Soi Seadragon, Soi Tiger, Soi Freedom, Soi Crocodile, Soi Vegas, Soi Gonzo, Soi Easy and Soi Lion offer many nocturnal activities. Every road (Soi) of Soi Bangla is full of boisterous activities of deafening music, nightclubs, disco clubs, go-go bars, beer bars, restaurants, pubs and shops.

Common activities are lightly-clad sexy girls dancing on open stage on every street to lure you to their bars. Wherever you visit this Soi, friendly ladies will call you to have a drink and play some bar games with them. Enjoy activities with girls but don’t be surprised at scam activities or you will fall into rip-off fun on any lane. This spot is not for prude and faint-hearted people although everything is part of the fun.


Other Sois in Soi Bangla

Soi Seadragon

Soi Seadragon is a 100-metre long road that originates from Soi Bangla. This road is basically full of go-go bars where girls of minimalist attire perform different types of activities on stage in front of bars. Seadragon has been remodelled recently (in 2012) that offers roof top activities with a huge booze and body emporium especially in low season. 46 bars of various brands with some renowned go go bars such as Devil’s Playground, Diablo A Go Go, Suzy Wong and Suzy Wong II and Exotica A Go Go offer you extensive girly activities. Two Brothers, Crow’s Nest, Micky Mouse, Butterfly, Bangla sexy 9, Hangover, Drinks & Dreams and Nida’s Bar are the few names of beer bars available with a big selection of beverages on this road.

This is a funky spot of ass-smacking fun. Almost every girl will stare at you to persuade you to enter their bar.  Colourful flashing tattoo parlours, souvenir shops, hairdressers exist on this road as well.


Soi Tiger (New Tiger)

Soi Tiger is a very popular road where many sexy girls always dance on open stage at night near every fancy designed beer bar. The statue of Big Tigers shows you that is Soi Tiger which is located next to Bangla Shopping centre where the opposite is Seduction Night Club.  New Tiger Disco established at Soi Bangla in 2013 after the old Tiger Disco was burnt in 2012. New Tiger provides you with a number of stages of sexy young girls. The Pink and Tiger live Band provide pool and live music to enjoy. The bars names of Hell Boys Bar, Blow Job Bar, Pube Bar, Hungry Tiger define the bar activities on this road. The go-go bars named Crazy Horse, Sin City Bar, Star 69 Bar and Cocktail & Dreams Bar offer night time entertainment with many distinctive services.

Some bikini girls always pose as sexual models to attract the customers. They will make fun by using debauchery conversation. The Blix, located on New Tiger Lane is a bar of flint-stones looking like giant caves. In this bar, most of the girls will offer you to take some drinks and to have a bar game with them. Here, the girls do not feel shy at all and they try to convince you in a professional way by offering a stool to sit. They will often make fun with you in an intimate way. But don’t forget that STD (Sex Transmitted Disease) is a common issue on Soi Bangla.


Soi Freedom (Previously Soi Eric)

Soi freedom is a narrow lane located between the Sharky’s, and Smiley bars and it is also branch road of Soi Bangla. It is basically a road of beer bars where the girls will call you to enjoy the drinks inside their bar. You will get beers and spirits at a lower price than any street on Soi Bangla. The ladies of this road are adult and do their job professionally.

The girls will convince you to play bar games called Connect 4, Jenga, and Jackpot. On this soi (road) you will find private DJ parties in every bar making chaotic and blended sounds to your ear. Almost every bar has open stages where 10-15 bikini girls show their ass and boobs to actively seek customers. Tao Bangla Bar, Lucky Bar, Hangover Bar, Kiran Bar are well-known bars in this area.


Soi Crocodile

Soi Crocodile is located in the middle part of Soi Bangla and a centre of nightlife attractions. The girls on this road are taller, sexier & slimmer, and they dance on stage with short skirts to allure guests. Actually, they are Katoeys (Transvestites) who are more feminine in every activity. In the middle part of the Soi Crocodile, a new stage has been added for open dance activities. Katoeys will call you ‘Hi handsome’ by twisting their body to persuade you to engage in some activities. If you are interested in take a picture with a Katoey, she will ask you for some Baht, requesting about 100 Baht. You can take drinks and enjoy your time with Katoeys in the bars of this road.


Soi Vegas

Soi Vegas is also known as Soi Happy which is situated close to Jungceylon Shopping Mall on Soi Bangla Road. It is a 60-metre-long road adjacent to Soi Tiger. You will get interesting adult entertainment on this road. This road is little gloomy with some neon lights from go-go and beer bars. The most famous bar on this road is Cocktail & Dreams lady-boy where on-stage cabaret shows are performed. Some girls are waiting in a queue wearing regalia to attract the guests. Moulin Russian Rouge, a Go Go Bar offers shows of Caucasian dancers. In this bar, the price is a little bit higher than other bars. Money Night A Go Go is another go-go bar on this Soi Bangla. You can have a great time and really enjoy some colourful nightlife activities.



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