Sailing Yachts, the perfect way to discover the Andaman Sea

Would you like to explore the beautiful islands around Phuket on a yacht?
Sailing yachts or motor yachts will offer you the greatest opportunity to enjoy magnificent scenery, isolated bays, marvellous white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, on board fishing, diving adventures and exciting snorkelling in the Andaman Sea. It will also provide you with the chance to discover the natural wonders of the exquisite Phang Nga Bay with its’ towering limestone cliffs for an amazing holiday experience.


Sailing yachts and motor yachts are perfect to explore the extensive region that is the Andaman Sea

sailing yachtsSailing yachts or motor yachts are perfectly suited to discover the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea lies in the Northern Indian Ocean, in the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar (Burma) of the west coast of Thailand, north of Sumatra and east of the Andaman Islands. It surrounds Phuket from the west, south and east, you can easily discover the amazing beauty of the surrounding islands by chartering sailing yachts.


Discover the remote Islands of the Andaman Sea on sailing yachts

sailing yachts Phuket is the perfect base from which you can start your expedition to its surrounding island destinations. Phuket’s west coast itself is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand and perfectly suited for travellers who seek idyllic natural beauty, sandy beaches and exciting beach activities. 120 Kilometres to the north-west of Phuket, there are many famous islands including the Similan and Surin islands which offer great opportunities to enjoy thrilling snorkelling and scuba diving at world famous dive sites such as Richelieu Rock. Further north is the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar (Burma), home to hundreds of Virgin Islands perfectly suited to wonderful scuba diving with unlimited fish sightings and Island exploration. The Picturesque Phi Phi islands lie 40 Kilometres to the South East of Phuket town while the Racha islands are 20 kilometres south of Phuket’s Chalong Bay. Plan an amazing sailing yachtsPhi Phi Islands day tour to enjoy diving, snorkelling and sightseeing.  5 Islands by Luxury Yacht offers you to discover the wonders of the Racha Islands. To the north east of Phuket is the picturesque Phang Nga Bay, where you’ll find the unique stilt village of Koh Pan Yi, Koh Hong in Panak island, Koh Yao Noi & Koh Yao Yai, as well as the world famous James Bond Island (Koh Ping Kan). These islands offer ample opportunities for trekking, sightseeing, paddling, watching birds, snorkelling and scuba diving, you can plan a Phang Nga Bay by Junk tour to enjoy these splendid on water activities.


The Piers from which our sailing yachts depart

 sailing yachtsOur specially selected sailing yachts and tours are, put simply, the perfect way to discover the mysteries and beauty of the Andaman Sea. To make this easily accessible, Phuket has a number of well-run piers. The busiest piers of Phuket are Ao Chalong pier, Rassada Pier, Ao Por Pier, The Dolphin pier, Phuket Ferry pier, Sea Angel pier and Bang Rong pier. Additional to these piers, in Phang-Nga province is Thap lamu pier.

Ao Chalong, is a well-known starting point for sailing yachts and is home to the popular Phuket Yacht Club. Ao Chalong Pier is 10.5 km from Phuket Town and 41.2 km from Phuket International Airport.  Rassada Pier is 2.7 km from Phuket Town and 32.9 km from Phuket International Airport. Thap lamu pier is 70.7 km from Phuket International Airport. Sailing yachts or motor yachts can be chartered for day trips or overnight charters from Chalong Bay, Ao Por, Thap Lamu and the four Phuket Marinas, of Yacht Haven,  Boat Lagoon, Ao Por Grande and the Royal Phuket Marina.


Wonderful destinations of the Andaman Sea

sailing yachtsBy sailing yachts  (such as, the 110-foot pirate ship,  the classic sailing yacht “willow”, 75-foot schooner ’Seraph’, Lagoon 380 S2 catamaran, 38-foot family sailing catamaran or one of our 48-foot cruising catamarans), you can reach any of the fantastic destinations such as the islands of Coral and Koh Bon, Koh Racha Yai and Noi, Koh Mai Ton, The Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, Krabi & its surrounding Islands, and Koh Naka to discover the tropical realms and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.


Features of sailing yachts

sailing yachtsOur sailing yachts or motor yachts are built to consider guest comfort. You’ll be astonished by the charm & beauty of our sailing yachts. They are spacious and well equipped for a comfortable journey. Some sailing yachts include Air Conditioned cabins with en-suite bath rooms and showers. If required, you’ll find scuba diving equipment (including masks, wetsuits, fins and regulator sets with computers) ready for scuba diving, fishing equipment for fishing, kayaks stand up paddle boards, wi-fi facilities, electricity for charging, and audio & multimedia system for entertainment. You will taste delicious cuisines (including sea food, other Thai and western specialties).  Our sailing yachts have a well-stocked supply of cocktails, beer and wine. These sailing yachts are safe, stable and a pleasure to sail on with well trained, experienced and qualified crew.

All sailing yachts are fully equipped and crewed by professional, licensed crew. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy sailing, or if you would like to be active, you can assist in the sail handling or take a turn at the helm. Your crew will attend to everything during your sailing holiday. The crew will invite at least one chef to prepare all meals. You don’t need to worry about meals maintenance, cooking or cleaning, all will be performed by the crew.

Sailing yachts are perfectly suited for anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events or a group of like-minded people who want to experience the wonder of sailing in the Andaman Sea.
Sailing yachts are the perfect way to discover the most fantastic diving sites and sailing destinations in the Andaman Sea to have one of the greatest holiday experiences in Phuket. You will have many stories to tell if you visit the famous sites around Phuket by sailing yachts. Start your holiday with – where your holiday begins!



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