Plan an amazing tour to discover the wonderful islands around Phuket

Do you want to explore the beautiful islands, cliffs and turquoise water of the Andaman Sea? Phuket is a spectacular province of Thailand and beautifully surrounded by the Andaman Sea. It has many attractive spots including world heritage sites and wonderful beaches. Discover many big and small mountainous and wonderful islands around Phuket in the Andaman Sea. Some islands have beautiful beaches where snorkelling and other beach activities can be enjoyed. Some of them are just high limestone cliffs on the sea. These astonishing sudden islands around Phuket on serene clear water are the mesmerising attractions that enhance the sea beauty.


Phuket, a perfect holiday destination

The Bay of Phuket is outstanding for its distinctive eco-marine area. If you want to see the surroundings including beach areas, snorkelling points and other charming islands around Phuket on a boat, you can book Phuket Island by Leisure Cruiser to explore the real beauty of the Andaman Sea.

Phang Nga, a world famous place for limestone cliffs

On the east-northern side of Phuket, mountainous cliffsPlan an amazing tour to discover all the wonderful islands around Phuket of Phang Nga province are famous for wonderful views. The dozens of cliffs on the sea create scenic views that must be explored on junk (June Bathra). Visit the James Bond Island where the James Bond Movie “The man with the golden gun” was captured. You can also discover various beautiful locations around Phang Nga. For your convenience, we arrange the tour Phang Nga by Chinese Junk to discover the world-renowned spots of Phang Nga.

Phang Nga offers different looks at different times. If you wish to visit Phang Nga in the evening, our Sunset Cruise at Phang Nga tour offers you the opportunity to observe the stunning appearance of Phang Nga from afternoon to dusk. Enjoy the panoramic beauty of crimson sunlight, the limestone cliffs and the colourful sky shadow on the calm water. You may also take some drinks and snacks for passing relaxed time.


Explore the wonderful Islands around Phuket

Plan an amazing tour to discover all the wonderful islands around PhuketPlan a trip that includes visiting 5 islands in a single tour. can arrange a tour to visit Phi Phi, Tonsai Bai, Koh Rok, Racha, and Phang Nga islands which are the well-known Islands around Phuket in the Andaman Sea. You can enjoy a wonderful holiday to have an unforgettable time around these outstanding locations through this tour 5 islands by luxury Yacht.


Design your tour and own Itinerary to visit somewhere in the Andaman Sea

Do you want to visit your favourite Island or indulge Plan an amazing tour to discover all the wonderful islands around Phuketyourself in sea activities? You can plan your own itinerary to enjoy the pelagic marine area of the Andaman Sea. If you want to go somewhere in particular, just inform us the route and we will arrange all necessary steps to fulfil your desire. Just check the yacht tour Design Your Tour with SY Capricorn  tour and enjoy your customised voyage.

All tours are perfectly operated by to offer you an amazing holiday experience. Our every operation is smooth and secure with modern water vehicles that maintain all safety matters during your journey.

Plan your tour with It’s where your holiday begins!



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