Phuket Fantasea Show, the best entertainment event in Kamala Beach

Are you looking for a night time entertainment show with your family or friends in Phuket? Phuket Fantasea Show is an amusement theme park which has started in 1988 on 40 acres at Kamala Beach in Phuket. It is renowned for its great stage show and aerial activities that present Thai cultural extravaganza of myth, mystery and magic by use of cutting edge technologies with lighting special effects.

At Phuket Fantasea Show, you will be amazed to see the surroundings including the sculpture of a man sitting on an elephant. Gorgeously designed, the building of Phuket Fantasea Show represents Thai traditional arts. The front part of this vast hall decorated with many elephant sculptures, pool and subtly artistic walls look wonderful.

This spacious and giant hall has different carnival corners for various night time activities and dinner. Palace of the Elephant, Fantasy of a Kingdom, Similan Entertainment Centre, and Tiger Jungle Adventure are some names of exciting events to enjoy. Phuket Fantasea Show is not only for stage shows but also a lovely place for tasting wide range of cuisines. You will find Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant and Suriyamas Buffet Restaurant where you can consume gourmet Thai foods and snacks. Also, you will get a great collection of shopping items including kids, men and women clothes and jewellery. You can ask friendly and cordial staff for assistance.


Pre-Attractions of Phuket Fantasea Show

Before starting the main event you can observe the following zones of Phuket Fantasea Show and you can take some amusement:

Palace of the Elephant is an enclosure where you can ride on an elephant before the main event gets started. Here many trained and well-dressed elephants are ready to take you for a ride. While elephants are walking on enclosed premises, sudden sounds of songbirds will amaze you.

The Fantasy of a Kingdom is the amazing world of 4-Dimentional illusion show that combines acrobatic activities, pyro techniques, stunts, and various ballet. The aerial performances of trapeze artists are stunning and presented with modern technologies and Las Vegas style in Thai culture. You can also enjoy funny games named Bottle toss, bartender spins, and flip.

Similan Adventure is a lounge for enjoying the island’s beauty and underwater animals. The lightings of this place will create an underwater environment. You will also find a game zone especially for kids.

In Tiger Jungle Adventure, you can watch the wonderful activities of tigers. Playing of tigers is really enjoyable. Tigers are well trained to present exciting activities by following their instructor.

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet is a well-decorated restaurant which has an arrangement for 4000 guests. You can taste many Thai and International dishes in a royal environment.


Main event of Phuket Fantasea Show

The main stage show starts at 21.00 with the biggest display of groups of performers. The hall can hold 3000 people at a time. The glamourous girls and boys perform different traditional dances of different regions of Thailand. Performances with white Smoke of artists, the explosion of fire, shimmering light effect and rhythmic music are extraordinary and mind-blowing of this Phuket Fantasea Show.

Phuket Fantasea show has a nice story line of Thai myth. The giant elephants perform many unbelievable activities. Some acrobats show their skills in an aerial ballet show in the dark light like fairies and ghosts. This outstanding stage show is well-planned for every emotion like silence, strange, horror, fun during the performance. 4-D illusion show of different themes is a really strange activity. Fireworks will attract your attention. In this show Phuket Fantasea Show, more than 400 staffs, 44 elephants, 40 goats, 400 pigeons perform to present a memorable entertainment event.

The following character will be cast in the storyline:

Kamala Boy- Whimsical young prince

Kamala girl- the beautiful country girl

Iyara- the magic elephant

Apsara- The free-spirited angel

Kinnaree– Evil 10 Headed Giant

Hanuman- Tricstar king of Monkey

Chang and Eng- world-famous Siamese twin.

Takhon Ghost- comical & fun loving spirit

Buffalo Demon-Kamala Boy’s devilish adversary

General Instructions:

  1. Cameras are not allowed inside of the hall.
  2. Pen and paper or drawing materials are prohibited.

Phuket Fantasea Show is the longest running show in Phuket that develops the theatrical experience in entertainment field. It is very easy to visit Fantasea theme hall and no special direction is needed. Please find the booking info of this great entertainment show below:


Brief of Booking Process

Phuket Fantasea Show

Location: Kamala Beach

Opening: 18.00 hrs (Other attractions gate open)

21.00 (Main Program)

Closing : 23.30 hrs

Ticket: Price starts from 1800 THB

Note: Package Price depends on the services like front seats, Thai foods, seafood, elephant ride etc.



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