The 8 Best Shopping Places in Phuket

Looking for the best shopping places to go while visiting Phuket?
Phuket is a reputed destination for shopaholics, which offers an extensive range of shopping opportunities to be enjoyed on a holiday adventure. Whilst Phuket abounds with shopping spots, some shopping malls and markets are more popular and enjoyable to locals and travellers alike.
We recommend 8 shopping places in Phuket where you will get famous Thai items to international brands.

Here are our selected 8 best shopping spots you can go:
shopping places in Phuket1. Jungceylon: Jungceylon Shopping Complex, located in the very centre of Patong beach at the end of Soi Bangla, is the largest of the 8 best shopping places in Phuket. It hosts a wide variety of food outlets & restaurants offering various food types where you can spend a great time. First floor is full of designer labels, the top floor contains gizmos and gadgets, the cinema at the far end shows films with excellent seats. It also features Millennium Resort which is a popular hotel, a bowling zone, a famous rooftop nightclub and Big C supermarket. Undercover parking makes it nice when you need to park with quick access to the mall. It is a must visit if you are in the Patong area.



shopping places in Phuket2. Central Festival Phuket: Located at the intersection of Bypass and Wichit-songkram roads, Central Festival Phuket is the second largest shopping mall in Phuket. It provides one-stop shopping facilities in Phuket. It has a lovely local ambience, and you can purchase almost everything including electronics, clothing (local or international), groceries (local fruit, nuts, spices, etc.), chain pharmacy stores (Boots and Watsons), Thai artisan spa products, a large collection of sporting gears, jewellery items, etc. Being one of the best shopping places in Phuket, Central Festival Phuket offers numerous restaurants. You can also enjoy parlour services including massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions, etc. Parking facility is also available underneath the centre.


shopping places in Phuket3. Phuket Weekend Market: Phuket Weekend Market (locally known as Naka Market), located along Chao Fa West Road near the central festival Phuket is a suitable place for local foods & second hand goods. It offers an extensive variety of clothes, food, costume jewellery, and some crafty stuff. It is more interesting to just walk around the market and find curios, live animals and the local delicacies being prepared. This is one of the 8 best shopping places in Phuket, where tourists can learn a lot about Phuket from the food to the culture of the people.


shopping places in Phuket4. Karon Bazar: Karon Bazar is a beachside shopping market on Karon beach. It is a tourist shopper’s dream where you will find everything under one roof. Within the bazaar, you will find an assortment of DVD’s, CD’s, sunglasses, hats as well as beach costumes, shorts and shirts. Here, tourists can purchase fashionable clothes ideally suitable for everyone. Although prices may vary from shop to shop, with a bit of bargaining it’s possible to get a good deal. There are bars outside where you can enjoy a drink after shopping as well.




5. Banana Walk: Banana Walk is one of the newer and best shopping places in Phuket located on the Patong beach road just a few meters south of Soi Bangla. With its three floors, Banana Walk covering an area of over 4000 square meters is a modern shopping centre. It is another popular and one of the best shopping places in Patong. You can eat & drink at one of the many restaurants and will also find a few ATM’s, a spa center, a hairdresser, a nail club as well as a Momento Aesthetic Centre. Besides these, you will notice some world famous electronics and technology stores, fashion houses & sportswear shops as well.



shopping places in Phuket6. Phuket Walking Street: Every Sunday evening, Thalang road situated in the heart of old Phuket Town, is transformed into walking street .This is a weekly market and known as Phuket Walking Street (Lard Yai). This 400-metre walking street is packed with food, souvenirs and live street shows. You will discover plenty of cheap and tasty local dishes. While cheap, the items at the street are really unique. It also allows visitors to find southern Thai gift stalls and handicrafts. This a place where the whole family and the children will enjoy themselves with numerous toy stalls. Over the years, the walking street has become a great attraction for tourists and a popular destination of the best shopping places in Phuket.



shopping places in Phuket7. Banzaan Market: Banzaan market (‘Banzaan’ meaning ‘fresh market’) is located just behind the Jungceylon Shopping Mall on Patong Beach. The building hosting the Banzaan market has a modern décor and style. This is another of the best shopping places in Phuket, where you will get everything fresh. Here you will find fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, juices, all the cooking ingredients and ready foods to eat. The foods are of very good quality, and all products are well-arranged to give this place a very attractive look. This market is open all day long but it is much nicer in the morning.



shopping places in Phuket8. Premium Outlet Phuket: Premium Outlet Phuket is located in Tambon Thalang district on the Bypass Road (Chalemprakiat Road), almost exactly in the middle of Phuket Island. It is the most spacious of the 8 best shopping places in Phuket. It features over 300 retail outlets within the complex with over 500 parking spaces. It is a market of clothes and accessory shops selling high-quality goods. It is also a popular place to buy leather goods, houseware, home furnishings, gifts, toys as well as computer equipment & audiovisual items. Here you will also find products at up to 80% discount.

These shopping places in Phuket are absolutely wonderful to buy Thai and international items in an enjoyable way. You must visit one of these places to have an amazing shopping experience in Phuket.



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