Mergui Archipelago Cruise – 5 days by Sea Gypsy

Trip Details
Trip type : Cruise Adventure
Depart from : Myoma Pier/Jetty in Kawthaung
Duration : 5 Days
Depart time : 18.00 hrs
Suitable for : Visitors
Trip theme : Cruise Adventure

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If you have strong desire to explore virgin islands & Moken people (sea gipsies), underwater colourful fish & corals, snorkelling & swimming, hiking & jungle trekking as well as kayaking around mangroves, then Mergui Archipelago comes first to plan you tour.

This Archipelago, located in the southern part of Myanmar (Burma) and 451 km north from Phuket, is the only place in the world containing over 800 islands with unspoiled beaches & wildlife and with few / no people.


Overview of Mergui Archipelago Cruise – 5 days by Sea Gypsy

You will visit the islands of Mergui Archipelago by the vessel MV Sea Gipsy to experience a lot things you’ve ever had in your life.

Our liveaboard cruise will start from Kawthaung closed to the border town Kanong in Thailand, about 300 km north of Phuket. This is the best route and only direct access point to the Mergui Archipelago.

Day 1 – Departure Day: Kawthaung – The Three Islets

You’ll meet your Guide/Tour leader at the Myoma Pier/Jetty in Kawthaung
to start your tour. You will depart around 18.00 hrs. If you inform us in advance, transfers from the airport to Kawthaung or Ranong can be organized. You will have enough time to see the town if you arrive earlier that day. Our guide will help you in enjoying some sightseeing around the whole area. You will visit the Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda with outstanding view of Kawthaung, stroll through the bustling market and walk along the coastline of the notable Victoria Point. Today your tour will finish with a walk through the fishermen settlement. Or you will find a teashop to observe the goings on the waterfront. Around 17.30 hrs you will return to the pier to board MV Sea Gipsy. You will find a lot of space on the deck to relax and enjoy the exciting cruise. After a short briefing about tour safety, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Andaman Sea. Dinner will be served on board while cruising.

Day 2 – 115 Island / The Three Islets – Nyaung Wee Island – Bo Cho Island – Lampi Island

You will wake up early in the morning to enjoy the magnificent views of the Three Islands or just to have a funny splash into the crystal clean water before taking breakfast. After that you will swim or snorkel to spot a lot of fish and have a great experience to remember.
You can take a canoe to go to a small but wonderful cave. Late morning of the day you will follow your guide through the tropical jungle to the other side of island. Here you will also find a small beach where a lot of shells are found from the ocean. After returning to MV Sea Gipsy, you will sail to Nyaung Wee Island where there is a small but nice village named Salone (Monken) to visit. After on-board lunch, you will sail to the further north and arrive at Bo Cho Island to visit a large Sea Gipsy Village. Before visiting the village
you should be prepared to get surrounded by inquisitive kids so take some candys or gifts from the boat. While walking the whole village you will visit the Pagoda located on the hill. After visiting you’ll come back to MV Sea Gipsy to have some refreshments. You can also relax by observing fishermen returning home on their small boats. After that MV Sea Gipsy will sail to Lampi Island where you will pass night. If time and tide favourable visit the mangrove forest closely; otherwise, you will go night fishing with our crew. Have your dinner on board.

Day 3: Lampi Island – Tar Yar Island – Ko Phawt Island – Pilar Island

On this day you will visit some populated islands to explore sandier beaches, mangrove forests and interesting areas. You will also enjoy swimming, snorkelling, kayaking around the islands as well as observing monkeys, colourful birds and lizards.

Your visit to the mangrove forest will rely on the tide and the itinerary from yesterday. Optionally you will do snorkelling, swimming or enjoy your time on the beach.

Late morning you will cruise to Tar Yar Island for some more kayaking, swimming or snorkelling. Have lunch on board while moving across the seas. Stay overnight at Iguana Bay
and enjoy the serenity of desolate white sandy beaches of Lampi.

Day 4: Pilar Island – High Rock(Hlaing Gu Island) – Zar Det Nge Island – Salon Island

You will wake up early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise over Iguana Bay. Restart your journey through the Mergui Archipelago to High Rock (Hlaing Gu Island). High Rock is an
excellent site for enjoying dives, various types of corals and marine life full of large schools of fish such as blue & yellow snapper, fusiliers, barracuda, bannerfish ,triggerfish,
etc. You will also delight in kayaking around this small island/rock. Continue sailing to Salon Island with a break at Zar Det Nge Island for some snorkelling, kayaking or just enjoying free time on board. After arrival at Salon Island, you will visit some local fishing vessels to get fresh seafood for famous BBQ Dinner. Stay overnight at Salon Island.

Day 5: arrival day – Kawthaung

You will get up early in the morning to take a last splash in the ocean. After having breakfast, you will sail back to Kawthaung. You will debark MV Sea Gipsy to continue your tour.


Remarks: The program will be changed depending the flight time, the departure and arrival time.

Note:  Schedule and Itinerary depends on the weather/sea conditions and the discretion of the Cruise Director & Captain. It also depends on currents, dive sites activities, light, objective, sailing times etc. The spots are possible, but not guaranteed.


Prices include:
All night accommodation on board MV Sea Gipsy based on double bed open-air gazebo, all meals (with minimum 3 – 4 different dishes); Western, Thai, Chinese, Myanmar, snacks, fruits, hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo, towel, toiletries, Life Jackets, Port and travel permits, English speaking guides and tour leader, usage of Sea Kayaks (sit-on-top), snorkeling sets (mask, snorkel and fins), Fishing Gear.

Prices do not include:
Any international or domestic airfare & hotels (can be organized by us, just contact us in advanced), transfers to and from Jetty*  Mergui Archipelago Royalty Fee**, rental diving equipment, alcoholic beverages, expenditures of personal nature, service not mentioned above, tips, travel insurance***

* Transfers to and from Jetty in Kawthaung. Transfer from the airport Kawthaung to the jetty can be organized as well as transfers from Airport / Pier in Ranong (Thailand) to the jetty in Kawthaung (Myanmar). Just give us your detailed information.

** Mergui Archipelago Royalty Fee
Total (payable on board) US$ 100 per person
Please note that the above Fee is set by the Myanmar Government and is subject to change without notice.

*** Travel Insurance
Get your Travel Insurance with a worldwide coverage. No matter from which country you are.  Just follow the link HERE  to your insurance package. Buy, extend and claim online, from anywhere in the world, even while you are away from home and already on the way.

Charter: MV Sea Gipsy is also available for liveaboard charter; please contact us for more details to make your vacation special for you and your friends.

Departure Arrival Days/ nights Double Bed Cabin
12.10.2016 16.10.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
17.10.2016 21.10.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
27.10.2016 31.10.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
01.11.2016 05.11.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
06.11.2016 10.11.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
11.11.2016 15.11.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
16.11.2016 20.11.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
21.11.2016 25.11.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
26.11.2016 30.11.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
01.12.2016 05.12.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
06.12.2016 10.12.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
11.12.2016 15.12.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
16.12.2016 20.12.2016 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
04.01.2017 08.01.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
09.01.2017 13.01.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
14.01.2017 18.01.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
19.01.2017 23.01.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
24.01.2017 28.01.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
29.01.2017 02.02.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
03.02.2017 07.02.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
08.02.2017 12.02.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
13.02.2017 17.02.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
18.02.2017 22.02.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
23.02.2017 27.02.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
28.02.2017 04.03.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
04.03.2017 08.03.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
09.03.2017 13.03.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
14.03.2017 18.03.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
19.03.2017 23.03.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
23.03.2017 27.03.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
28.03.2017 01.04.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
02.04.2017 06.04.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
06.04.2017 10.04.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
18.04.2017 22.04.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
23.04.2017 27.04.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
28.04.2017 02.05.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
03.05.2017 07.05.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
08.05.2017 12.05.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB
13.05.2017 17.05.2017 5 / 4 38462.06 THB