Dive Mergui Archipelago – 8 Days / 7 Nights

Trip Details
Trip type : Discovering & Scuba Diving
Depart from : Kawthang, Ranong
Duration :  8 Days/ 7 Nights
Depart time :  Around 12.00 hrs
Suitable for : Scuba Divers, Visitors
Trip theme : Underwater Activities in Andaman

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All sites of Mergui Archipelagos including Black Rock, High Rock, Shark Cave, North Twin, Macleod Island, Western Rocky, Seafan Forrest are very popular and highly visited. Here you will have a unique opportunity to experience of flat-calm crystal seas, desolate islands, exciting scuba diving, as well as unlimited fish sightings.


Overview of Dive Mergui Archipelago – 8 Days / 7 Nights by MV Thai Sea

Discover the islands of Mergui Archipelago on MV Thai Sea to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and exciting diving among the amusing marine life & untouched coral reefs.

Our liveaboard cruise will start from Kawthaung closed to the border town Kanong in Thailand, about 300 km north of Phuket. This route is the best and only direct access point towards the Mergui Archipelago islands.

Departure day – Day 1

You will meet at the Dive shop in Ranong at 12.00. Prepare your rental equipment before boarding MV Thai Sea. Thai immigration will come on board to check Thailand procedure before sailing. You will cruise to Kawthaung to get your visa for Burma and visit permission for the archipelago. Officers will come on board to check whether all papers are in order or not. After all the administration part you will start for a safe and secure journey. Enjoy the sunset from the boat before dinner while cruising.

Day 2:

The first dive of the day is around High Rock, a wonderful macro site. Here, you ‘ll spot rays & cobia hiding in the coral, as well as Pipefish, Pineapple Fish, Frogfish, Sea Horses and Nudibranchs playing underwater. Take the second dive around Stewart Island which is the joint of 3 tunnels. You will take afternoon & night dive around Tower Rock and have a great experience of seeing Pipefish, ghost pipe fish, Pineapple Fish, Frogfish, Sea Horses and many nudibranchs. Grey Reef shark, Nurse Shark, Sea Horses, Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish and Spanish Dancers are found playing in the evening.

Day 3:

O this day you will take 4 dives around Shark Point, one of the most remarkable sites of Myanmar. In the afternoon, you’ll visit one of the most delightful beaches to get some sand between your toes. While visiting you may also observe a fishermen village. Nice corals and other creatures like Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, big blotched sting ray, Spearing Mantis Shrimp…make it a thrilling dive site to all divers.

Day 4:

After overnight cruising, you will reach Black Rock, an excellent diving site encircled by steep banks and full of macro life. This day will be more thrilling than the last three days. Here you will enjoy “Manta Festival” with Manta rays coming in dozens from different sides during the entire diving, and it will be hard to focus on the smaller creatures such as surgeon fish, glass fish, barracudas, rainbow runners as well as lovely & soft corals.

Day 5:

You will stay near North Twin, a tree covered granite island having underwater topography. This is a wonderful dive site to spot Manta rays, sometimes eagle rays and even mobulas. You will see various sharks such as white tip reef shark, leopard shark, grey reef shark, nurse shark and bull shark. Giant sea fans are also found hiding – how wonderful it is!

Day 6:

This morning you will visit Seafan Forest, as the name suggests it is a forest dive site with very attractive giant seafans. Here you will spot many schools of barracudas or batfish as well as schools of fusiliers. In the afternoon you’ll take 2 more dives around Western Rocky.

Day 7:

Today you will take 4 dives around Western Rocky, one of the most amazing dive sites in Myanmar (Burma). One of the attractions is a tunnel going all the way through the island occupied by a lot of lobsters as well as many types of crabs (sponge crab, spider crab, anemone crab…).
You will also find Bowmouth Guitar Fish, Whale Shark & other species of sharks. Keep your eyes alert for Harlequin Shrimp, Frogfish, Sea Horses…

Day 8:

The last dive of this tour will be around a dead volcano where you will see a group of black tip sharks hanging together. You will also notice seahorse (up to 10 per dive), shaded bat fish, comet long fins or pinneaple fish, etc. After taking this dive, return to Kawthaung for some shopping. After getting your passport back by the Burmese authorities, you’ll cruise back to Thailand.

Note: Schedule and Itinerary depends on the weather/sea conditions and the discretion of the Cruise Director & Captain. It also depends on currents, dive sites activities, light, objective, sailing times etc. The spots are possible, but not guaranteed.

The itineraries include dives deeper than 18 meters. If you want to do these dives and are not yet certified for it, we will ask you to take a diving course on-board at minimum the adventure deep dive training for 1000thb.


Notes: Please note that all Mergui Archipelago / Myanmar trips are closed for any bookings 2 weeks before the departure date of the trip, this time is need to get all Immigration and Permit procedures ready.

Package included:

Full accommodation and board in shared cabin, all meals incl. breakfast, lunch, afternoon bites, and dinner, fresh fruits, yoghurt & snacks, refreshments such as soft drinks, drinking water, filter coffee & tea, Bathroom Set: Towels, shower gel, sea kayak and hamac, 12 Liter Alum. Cylinders, Weights & Weight Belt, professional Tour leader, Divemaster and Instructor, dive lamps for night dives and first set of batteries, total of 26 Dives during the Trip

Package do not included:

Any transfers to and from your hotel to the pier which is not mentioned in the Itinerary (can be organize on extra charge), Any international or domestic airfare, Myanmar Entry and Visa permission * (payable on board), Diving insurance*** or  Travel insurance****, Rental diving equipment ***** (please book in advance if you need to rent a diving computer or underwater camera etc), Nitrox, PADI / SSI Diving courses (please book in advance), alcoholic beverages, Wine, beer, Tip for Crew, Divemaster, Instructor, driver, guide,

Note: For your security, we ask that every diver has a dive computer and every buddy team has an SMB.

* Myanmar Entry and Visa permission
We enter Myanmar (Burma) under a license agreement from the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Passengers for these dive cruises do not need a visa, but are required to pay an entry fee of 220 US$, Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

*** Diving Insurance

There are two option if you do not have any diving insurance yet, check out our Diving Insurance page for more details.
1) If you are a European Citizen:  You can get your diving insurance directly online with Aqua Med. Just follow HERE and enter all your details, you will get an confirmation within 24hrs.
2) For outside Europe Citizen you are able to visit the Webpage of DAN to apply for your diving insurance: https://diversalertnetwork.org/

**** Travel Insurance

Get your Travel Insurance with a worldwide coverage. No matter from which country you are.  Just follow the link HERE to your insurance package. Buy, extend and claim online, from anywhere in the world, even while you away from home and already on the way.

 ***** Rental Equipment:

•  Full set Equipment (BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins and Wetsuite) rental (500THB/ day)
•  Computer (300/day)
•  camera (400/day)
•  Nitrox (250/tank)

Charter: MV Thai Sea is also available for liveaboard charter; please contact us for more details to make your scuba vacation special for you and your friends.

Departure Arrival Days/ nights Double Bed Cabin Bunk Bed Cabin
20.11.2016 27.11.2016 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
06.12.2016 13.12.2016 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
30.12.2016 06.01.2017 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
20.01.2017 27.01.2017 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
24.02.2017 03.03.2017 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
12.03.2017 19.03.2017 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
26.03.2017 02.04.2017 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB
11.04.2017 18.04.2017 8 / 7 53000.00 THB 53000.00 THB