Combi Southern & Similan Island A week Safari by MV Giamani


Trip Details
Trip type : Discovering & Scuba Diving
Depart from : Chalong Pier, Phuket
Destinations :  Ko Haa, Hin Daeng / Hin Muang, Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock , “The Teak Wreck” – “Naiyak Wreck”
Depart time :  19.00-20.00 hrs
Suitable for :  Scuba Divers, Visitors
Trip theme :  Underwater Activities in Andaman

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Explore many southern and northern islands of the Andaman Sea by a week-long tour launching from Phuket. Discover surface beauty and unwater marine wonder of Phi Phi, Koh Bida, Koh Ha, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang Rock of Southern Islands, Similan archipelagos of the northern islands including Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, and Richelieu Rock. This long distance tour will be covered by well-equipped liveaboard diving boat MV Giamani. On this liveaboard, you will get your meals and other diving materials.


Overview of Combi Southern & Similan Island – A week Safari by MV Giamani

Day 1: Departure day – every Friday

Around 17.30-18.30: Pick you up from your hotel or Phuket International Airport and transfer to the pier at Chalong in Phuket.

Within 19.00- 20.00: When all guest boarding completed, listen to welcome briefing and meet our crew. Get going and enjoy the dinner on the way to Koh Haa (towards Ha/Haa Islands, a group of 5 islands). Stay overnight at Koh Haa.


Day 2: Ko Haa / Hin Daeng / Hin Muang (4 Dives)

Wake up in the early morning to listen to the briefing about your all-inclusive dives and safety matters. Start your diving at Koh Ha around southern islands. Go to Hin Daeng (Red Rock in English) and dive into the underwater mountain to observe the water caves and red soft corals. Hin Muang (Purple Rock in English, a sister of Hin Daeng) looks like a giant loaf bread of immense rock (200*20) covering of purple soft corals, sea fans and incredible underwater beauty. Both dive points are perfect for advanced divers, not for inexperienced. Your last dive for the day will depend on the weather, sea condition and number of ‘Big Fish’. For last sunset/night dive, either we will stay at Hin Muang/Hin Daeng or will back to Koh Ha. MV Giamani will anchor for a short time at Phi Phi to visit restaurants and shops. Enjoy overnight on a secluded bay around Phi Phi islands.


Day 3: Phi Phi Islands (4 Dives)

Start your final day around southern area of Phi Phi with 2 dives either Koh Bida Nok or Koh Bida Nai. We will cruise slowly towards Phuket and stop for a while at most famous dive site of Shark Point to observe the soft corals. Try for another dive at Koh Doc Mai, a location of many underwater rocks covered with colourful sea fans. After finishing 8 dives around the southern area, we will return to Chalong in Phuket. Take a break in Phuket to have a short look at Chalong Bay. At 20.00, we will depart Chalong with some new guests and we will stay overnight around Similan Islands.


Day 4: Similan Islands (4 Dives)

Get detailed briefing all-inclusive dives in the morning.  Start to explore the northern Andaman Sea with the first dive at Anita’s Reef (Similan Island No. 5 Koh Ha). After breakfast take a short break. Go for 2nd Dive around West of Eden (Similan No 7- Koh Pabu) to enjoy the Similan underwater beauty. After lunch get experienced by 3rd dive in the water of giant boulder site Elephant Head Rock (Hin Pusa). In dusk or at night, feel thrilled for the 4th drive at Donald Duck Bay (Ao Guerk), a famous dive site in Similan area. Pass your time by watching a movie, reading book, gossip with dive buddies.


Day 5: Koh Bon, Koh Tachai (4 Dives)

At dawn, cruise to Koh Bon. Perform 2 dives among the world-famous diving sites at Koh Bon Pinnacle and Koh Bon West Ridge. Don’t miss the Manta Rays around this area. Go to Koh Tachai and get ready for the 3rd drive at further north site Tachai Pinnacle to see different sea macros. Your final dive of this day will depend on the wind. It may be taken at the Eastern or Eastern reef of Koh Tachai.


Day 6: Koh Tachai – Richelieu Rock  (4 Dives)

Your first effort of diving will go fine at the deeper area of Koh Tachai Pinnacle.

Later, we will move to the jewel of the area –Richelieu Rock. We will perform two dives in daytime to explore tremendous sea animals including sea anemones, schools of fish and soft & hard corals. At night dive, you can see other wonderful beauties around Boonsung Wreck, the world-known Rock.


Day 7:  “The Teak Wreck” – “Naiyak Wreck”  ( 2 Dives)

Get started in the early morning and do a dive at The Teak Wreck around MV Sea Chart (ship) of Burmese filled with heavy steel, which was sunk in August 2009. The final dive for this trip will be taken around Naiyak Wreck (“Condreco”), extraordinary macro dive site.

After these outstanding dives, we will cruise back to Chalong Bay, Phuket. Disembarkation at 17.00 and transfer your hotel.

Note: Schedule and Itinerary depending on the weather conditions and the discretion of the Cruise Director and Captain and depends on currents, dive sites activities, light, objective, sailing time, etc. The spots are possible, but not guaranteed.

Prices not included:

Any international or domestic airfare, National Marine Park fee* (payable on board),  rental diving equipment, Nitrox, PADI / SSI Diving courses, alcoholic beverages, Tip, diving insurance** or travel insurance***

Please book in advance if you need to rent a diving computer or underwater camera.

* Southern Island Marine National Park Fees:

Normally there are no payments apply. Just keep in mind that these dive destinations belong to a Marine National Park. Therefore at can be happen that Park Rangers are coming along the vessel to collect Marine National park fee.

Fees are: 500 Baht for entry fee (divers and non-divers) plus 200 Baht per diver per day

Please note that the National Park Fee is set by the National Park and is subject to change without notice.

* Similan & Surin National Park Fees

  • 500 Baht for entry into the Similans or Surin (divers and non-divers) plus…
  • 200 Baht per diver per day

Example for above trip:
Entry fee for Similan 500 THB + Surin 500 THB = 1.000 THB
Diving Fee for 3 days in the Park: 3 x 200 THB = 600 THB
Total (payable on board) 1.600 THB

Please note that the National Park Fee is set by the National Park and is subject to change without notice.

** Diving Insurance

There are too option if you do not have any diving insurance yet:
1) If you are a European Citizen:  You can get your diving insurance directly online with Aqua Med. Just follow HERE and enter all your details, you will get an confirmation within 24hrs.
2) For outside Europe Citizen you are able to visit the Webpage of DAN to apply for your diving insurance:

*** Travel Insurance

Get your Travel Insurance with a worldwide coverage. No matter from which country you are.  Just follow the link HERE to your insurance package. Buy, extend and claim online, from anywhere in the world, even while you away from home and already on the way.


MV Giamani is also available for liveaboard charter; please contact us for more details to make your scuba vacation special for you and your friends.

Departure Arrival Days/ nights Master Cabin Deluxe Double
25.03.2016 31.03.2016 7 / 6 2110.50 THB 1856.97 THB
08.04.2016 14.04.2016 7 / 6 2110.50 THB 1856.97 THB
22.04.2016 28.04.2016 7 / 6 2110.50 THB 1856.97 THB
29.04.2016 05.05.2016 7 / 6 2110.50 THB 1856.97 THB

Price is quoted per person and subject to change without prior notice