Patong Beach

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Patong Beach is one of the most popular and visited beaches in Phuket. It is renowned for its beautiful bay of golden sands, hill view scenery, gentle breezes and rows of various trees. This is a three-kilometre long sandy beach adjacent to a hill on the west side. The appealing sunsets and panoramic views of Patong Beach attract tourists from all over the world. Patong Beach is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, including Soi Bangla Road, clubs and pubs, go-go bars, cabaret shows and many other spectacular events. There are many world-class shopping malls, restaurants, massage spas, water sports and other attractive beach activities. That is why most people visiting Phuket start their holiday at Patong Beach.

If you are new to Patong, it can be difficult to choose the right hotel based on the features of hotels, pricing variations, property types, travellers’ reviews and ratings. Therefore, we have listed the best categories of accommodation for all kinds of travellers. Our selection of hotels, resorts and villas will make your booking process much easier and faster to give you a much better travel experience. You will find in-depth reviews on each hotel from the different categories that will help you to choose the right hotel at Patong Beach. So check the best deals, book the right hotel in Patong Beach and have a great time!

General Info

  • A wide range of hotels, resorts, villas, Apartments, Guesthouse, and so on.
  • Prices at your range
  • Media and Technology Facilities
  • World-class shopping
  • A lot of Restaurants

Beach Activities

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Sailing, Parasailing
  • Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing
  • Jet Skiing, Water Skiing
  • Photography

Nightlife Activities

  • Huge variety in Nightlife choice
  • Perfect place for Play and Party
  • Place ‘Anything you want’
  • Plenty dining Choice
  • Place for indoor games

Good to Know

  • Sea can be rough from May to November
  • Weather is travel-friendly
  • Well Transportations
  • Many vendors in beach
  • People are cordial

Preferred Accommodation in Patong

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Elegance and Satisfaction

Most of the luxury hotels of Patong will provide you quality chain services and you will get full facilities of these world-class hotels. Patong beach is a dream place for many holiday planners to enjoy incredible holiday escapes. Therefore, these hotels will be your first choice due to extra amenities and charming atmosphere. Many hotels feature the unique interiors and architectural Thai décor and associated services that make accommodation magnificent. There is a wide variety of Thai and international dining & beverages options are available for your unforgettable holiday experience. Our listed Best 8 luxury hotels will provide you elegant hospitality and gratify you as well.

Check Best 8 Luxury Hotels

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Life and Luxury

There are many different luxury resorts in Patong, deliver extraordinary services for your amazing holiday. Most of the best resorts are nestled in the heart of Patong. All best luxury resorts feature the spacious and cosy accommodation with sophisticated amenities. Private balconies, en-suite toilets, private and outdoor pools, sun terraces, fitness centres, spas and wellness centres, and many other facilities can be enjoyed in these resorts. Our best 8 luxury resorts invite you to experience many delicious Thai and international cuisines. There is a wide variety of refreshing beverages to be enjoyed in the relaxing vibe of nature.

Check Best 8 Luxury Resorts

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Aristocracy and Entertainment

Millions of travellers preferred Patong as a holiday destination. Many of visitors want to stay independently. Villas are the desired freedom destinations to enjoy a private holiday with group or family in a tranquil ambience. Thus, villas in Patong lead to first class hospitality with modern sophisticated Thai décor, comfortable bedrooms, private swimming pools, secluded sun decks, hot tubs, gymnasia and game rooms etc. Villas are also special for concierge and car hire services. Our best 8 villas will help you choose the ideal villa in accordance to your tastes, which will lead to the ultimate stress-free vacation.

Check Best 8 Villas

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Cost-Effective and Satisfactory

Patong has hundreds of hotels with different classes and categories, and it is one of best holiday destinations for holidaymakers around the world. There are numerous low-cost hotels in Patong so you can stay at a reasonable price to enjoy the glorious beauty of nature and stunning sea views. Featuring good facilities with your budget and tastes, you will find all types of accommodation to suit your preferences, including discounts, complimentary services, airport services, and other amenities. Our selected best 8 low-cost hotels will ensure you find the best deal and to have a great vacation with outstanding beach activities on Patong Beach.

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Book and Fly

There are many mid-range hotels, which provide almost every services for your comfortable accommodation. If you plan to get an affordable hotel, you would be encouraged to decide based on our listed budget hotels. Many hotels often offer lucrative discount and sell distressed inventory at a discount. You can grab the best deals when you are on a plan. Most of the hotels will bid to get suitable accommodation in your reach. Our best 8 budget hotels in Patong will provide you the best services within your budget. You will get the right accommodation in the right place at reasonable price.

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View and Comfort

Most of the beachfront hotels of Patong will allow you to direct panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset. Beachfront accommodation are the most booked hotels and you will get extraordinary facilities in these hotels. Much spacious and elegant accommodation will provide you some breath-taking beach activities. Almost every hotels feature the sophisticated amenities with Thai traditional arts. There are enormous quality restaurants to enjoy a wide variety of Thai and international dishes, as well as bars to enjoy plenty of exotic drinks and soothing music. After all, our listed Best 8 beachfront hotels will be your shortlist to select the right hotel.

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Deal and Save

Patong is attractive to visitors, and therefore people usually look for the best accommodation to enjoy the perfect holiday. You will get the best place to stay within your budget and would like to check the best deals to enjoy. There are many hotels create the opportunities to grab the hotels at curtailed price. Most of the hotels with world-class services offer a great deal of discounts for the customers’ satisfaction that retain the same quality of services. You may have to check early to grab the best deals.

Check Hotel Discount Deals