Nai Harn Beach

Rawai Beach

Nai Harn beach is the most popular with locals and expats due to tranquil features of nature. Soft sands, clear blue water, nice lagoon, and jungle covered mountains make Nai Harn beach attractive to visitors. The beach of the south of Phuket is busy but not crowded. There is no prohibition in swimming on the dry season but during the rainy season, check the red flags for the water’s strong current. There are plenty restaurants in the gap of high trees, and they supply fresh seafood for you. There are many beach activities including surfing, body boarding, jet skiing, and much more.

There is a wide range of villas, hotels, resorts, and other accommodation are available. If you want to stay in Nai Harn, it is easy to find your wanted hotels. We have listed and categorized all types of accommodation, which will help you to get the right hotel. So, book the hotel and enjoy the stunning beauty of Nai Harn beach.

General Info

  • Enough hotels and resorts
  • Low cost to expensive
  • Almost all features of accommodation
  • The south facing beach
  • Favorite to locals

Beach Activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sun Bathing
  • Yacht charter
  • Islands tour

Nightlife Activities

  • A lot of bars
  • Huge spa and message center
  • Live Music at bar
  • Multinational pub and restaurants
  • Party place

Good to Know

  • Who like most the beach and nature
  • Who loves snorkeling and diving
  • Good surf spot for May to November due to rough waves
  • Panoramas of Promthep Cape
  • Peaceful environment

Preferred Accommodation in Nai Harn

luxury hotels nai harnluxury hotels patong

Elegance and Satisfaction

Nai Harn is full of luxury hotels and beach activities. These hotels will serve you satisfactory and quality services. Luxury hotels of Nai Harn are going to provide you with comfortable rooms, spacious balcony, en suite bathrooms, fitness centre, outdoor pool, and massage and spa services. These hotels also offer dining options to taste a wide variety of Thai and international cuisines. After all, our Best 8 Luxury Hotels will guide you to select the best hotel.

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luxury resort nai harnluxury hotels patong

Life and Luxury

Resorts of Nai Harn are the sign of indulgence. These resorts feature cosy accommodation in which you can get most of the facilities including outdoor & kids pools, fully equipped gym, and pampering massage treatments. The living rooms are beautifully decorated with Thai architecture and design. There are on-site bars and restaurants to taste a wide variety of international foods and beverages. Our Best 8 Luxury Resorts will guide you to choose the right resort for your brilliant holiday.

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villa nai harnluxury hotels patong

Aristocracy and Entertainment

Villas of Nai Harn signify the elegant accommodation and world-class services to enjoy an extraordinary vacation. There are private swimming pools and a well-equipped kitchen for your hassle free holiday. Spacious villas are tastefully decorated with modern interiors, rooftop patio, large dining areas, private bathrooms, and much more. In some cases, you can arrange a private chef to create your own menu experience. Our Best 8 Villas will assist you to find the right freedom place.

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low cost hotel nai harnluxury hotels patong

Travel and Enjoy

Low-cost hotel in Nai Harn beach can be a nice option to choose your temporary abode. This type of accommodation will provide you with all essentials that you need. In most of the spots, you will get some street restaurants, shopping, and fresh market at a nearer distance of these properties. Therefore, we have listed Best 8 Low-Cost Hotels of Nai Harn beach for your easy choosing.

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budget hotel nai harnluxury hotels patong

Book and Fly

Most of the accommodation in Nai Harn are available in your range. The hotels in your budget will give you the opportunity to enjoy maximum services. Spacious rooms, balcony, and a swimming pool are also designed for your conveniences. A restaurant & bar is also available in some of the hotels. However, you will get most of the facilities through checking our Best 8 Budget Hotels in NaI Harn and feel that you have chosen the right one.

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Beachfront hotel nai harnluxury hotels patong

View and Comfort

Beachfront hotels are always charming abode to all because of the hotel’s location and views. These hotels feature the lucrative services to visitors. You will get the extraordinary facilities including superior club & deluxe room with Wi-Fi, traditional Thai architectural interior design, and glittering furnishing everywhere. To grab any services, just book through online or phone call, you will get the desired services at once. Finally, we have listed Best 4 Beachfront Hotels at Nai Harn for your easy selection.

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discount deal hotel nai harnluxury hotels patong

Deal and Save

Many hotels of Nai Harn most often offer discounts for your saving. You can avail it during your holiday period. You will get all modern amenities and sophisticated services under a package of discount. There is also a restaurant to enjoy a wide variety of delicious Thai and international dishes and built-in bar to take the drinks. So, check the best deals of today and grab the offer.

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