Mai Khao Beach

Kata Beach

The straightest and longest (almost 11 km) beach of Phuket island is Mai Khao beach. The beach is situated right to the north of Phuket International Airport. This deserted beach has been acknowledged as part of Sirinath National Park since 1981. The beach is dangerous for swimmers from May to November due to the beach’s undertow and large waves. The beach is a secluded place, and you will find less beach activity.

You will find some luxurious hotels although the area has not been commercialised like other areas. There are hotels and resorts in Mai Khao; we are presenting all of the hotels to you to select the best place. Our selected hotel will provide you enough enjoyment on this quiet beach to have a relaxed holiday.

General Info

  • A little accommodation
  • A quite serene beach
  • Some resorts provide expensive services
  • Not crowded at all
  • Turtle breeding area

Beach Activities

  • Swimming
  • Enjoying sea waves
  • A long walk on lonely beach
  • Boat tour
  • Little activities due to protected area

Nightlife Activities

  • Hotels and resorts bars
  • Din and bustle free night
  • Fresh seafood dinner
  • Enjoying local activities of fisherman

Good to Know

  • For honeymooners
  • Good weather
  • Sea is dangerous from May to November
  • Sirinath National Park area
  • Good behavior of fishermen

Preferred Accommodation in Mai Khao

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Elegance and Satisfaction

Mai Khao is a paradise, because of the locations numerous luxury hotels and excellent services. Most of the luxury hotels of Mai Khao provide superior services with a lot of outstanding activities. These hotels feature superb qualities of accommodation with modern décor and fittings. You can enjoy the private pool, private balcony, fitness centre, and dining options in this property. Our Best 4 Luxury Hotels will offer you the best services to choose the right hotel to enjoy a fantastic holiday.

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Life and Luxury

Resorts are pleasant destinations to visitors that look for superior services and interior advantages. These accommodation provide many facilities, you will be motivated to book a hotel among these. In a resort, you will get some entertainment events. Mai Khao is a place of some exclusive resorts with all sophisticated amenities. You will get shopping malls, restaurants, and night bars around the resorts. Our Best 6 Luxury Resorts will provide you all facilities and you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

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Aristocracy and Entertainment

Villas always represent the superior qualities of accommodation. As a visitor, you will love to enjoy an entire holiday in villas because there is no obligatory. Villas at Mai Khao characterize the services. These villas provide special living rooms with all modern advantages along with contemporary furnishing. Even for dining options, you will get many alternatives to taste. Our listed Best 3 Villas will provide you with the best options to live and enjoy a holiday with unlimited entertainment and luxury.

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Travel and Enjoy

Cost-minimized hotels in Mai Khao are ready to welcome you for your holiday. There are a number of affordable hotels, and you can stay comfortably after your booking. These hotels are delivering you tremendous opportunities to enjoy your vacation with your friends and family. Many restaurants are situated on these properties. Our listed Best 3 Low-Cost Hotels will help you get the right hotel in the right place to enjoy an ultimate holiday.

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Book and Fly

Considering your holiday plan, many hotels are providing the accommodation in your range, and you will get all services within this range. Some budget hotels are available in Mai Khao to experience an excellent excursion and enjoy the solitary beach with fantastic entertainment. These hotels make the advantages all about dining and living. There is some opportunity to sample fresh seafood and different beverages. Our Best 5 Budget Hotels will lead you to the proper way to enjoy an amazing holiday.

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Beachfront hotel mai-khaoluxury hotels patong

View and Comfort

Beachfront hotels open an opportunity to enjoy the tranquil sea views of the Andaman Sea. Most of the beachfront hotels allow you to enjoy the stunning view of dawn and dusk from your living room. Beachfront hotels of Mai Khao offer quality services with some glamorous facilities that can be part of your holidays. The Best 5 Beachfront Hotels of Mai Khao will soak up the style and tranquillity in which luxury and comforts are featured.

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Deal and Save

A lot of World class hotels often offer discount and promotion as a part of their customer satisfaction. The discount hotels of Mai Khao also offer a good percentage of discounts so that customers are getting more chances to stay and relish the world-class facilities. In this case, you can save a lot and enjoy the rest of the excursion. These hotels provide a lot of services of superb quality and offer the accommodation with all modern advantages. Discount Deals hotels will help you to choose the right hotel while enjoying discount deals.

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