Karon Beach


Karon beach is one of the most lively and well-known beaches in Phuket, which is approximately 5 km long. The golden sands, clear water, coral reef, lines of different trees, and easy access to the bay make the tourists entice to visit the place. You will be attracted to the beauty of the natural hill that surrounds the bay, which represents the preeminent look of Kata-Karon viewpoint to you. Open beach spas and messages, street shops on the beach, restaurants, and even bathroom facilities may be reached in walking distance. Many beach activities including nightlife events are available on the beach.

Karon beach is also renowned for its many affordable hotels, resorts, and villas those are beside the road and even on beachfront. Here you will get a wide range of accommodation, and our listed hotels will help you find the right hotel without a lot of effort. Our Classified hotels will help you to get the desired hotel within your budget without spoiling your valuable time. So, book your desired hotel and feel at home within it.

General Info

  • Resorts and hotels based area
  • Prices depend on your choice
  • All hotels services available
  • Many Shopping Malls
  • A lot of restaurants

Beach Activities

  • Swimming
  • A Long Walk on Beach
  • Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing
  • Sailing, Parasailing
  • Jet Skiing, Water Skiing

Nightlife Activities

  • Satisfactory nightlife activities
  • Huge Dinner options
  • Dinner of huge variety of foods
  • For shopping lovers
  • Enjoy with favorite one

Good to Know

  • For who likes beach
  • Weather is travel-friendly
  • Sea is rough May to November
  • Many vendors on the beach
  • People are warm hearted

Preferred Accommodation in Karon

luxury hotels karonluxury hotels patong

Elegance and Satisfaction

Karon Beach is a prominent place for elegant accommodation and unique environment that ensure you comfortable breathing. Most of the luxury hotels provide you a wide range of services and offer some entertainment events at hotels at Karon beach. All services remain the high quality of stylishness that will satisfy your welcoming and throughout your stay. Many hotels will give you the opportunity to enjoy the delicious Thai and international menus. There are many essential services feature on bars, private pools, spa and wellness, and fitness centre that you will able to consume on demand. So check Best 8 Luxury Hotels and get the right hotel.

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luxury resort karonluxury hotels patong

Life and Luxury

A resort is a great attraction to travellers looking to be serviced with 5-Star featured services. Many resorts usually emphasize on the resort’s nice surroundings. There are many resorts nestled in front of the beach that will serve you beach activity services. Some resorts deliver outstanding conveniences to enjoy the beautiful natural views. These resorts are ready to welcome you and designed for all types of visitors to enjoy onsite private pools, en-suite rooms, cosy bedroom, and much more. Our listed Best 8 Luxury Resorts of Karon beach will confirm you with sophisticated services that match with personality.

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villa karonluxury hotels patong

Aristocracy and Entertainment

Villas of Karon beach represent the unique services. Featuring elegance and superiority, villas provide some opportunity to feel ‘the home’ out of the home. There is no tight formality in villas as like in resorts or hotels. This type of property provides the best feeling to enjoy independence. Some of the villas have some special options for dining such as on-site kitchen, its accessories, private chef, and built-in wine bar. Therefore, you can enjoy your own menu relating to meals and drinks. The listed Best 8 villas of Karon are boasting most with sophisticated modern facilities with all outstanding activities.

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low cost hotel karonluxury hotels patong

Travel and Enjoy

There are abundant low-cost hotels available on Karon beach, in which you can enjoy maximum services at an abridged price. Most of the hotels deliver their services at a low rate for the customers’ convenience. To make your holiday amusing, some hotels provide you with the best opportunity to book the hotels at a low cost. Our listed Best 8 Low-Cost Hotels will deliver you the best package that includes the best amenities. Book and enjoy the hotels that you are looking for.

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Book and Fly

For enjoying a pleasant vacation, there is no alternative but to choose a perfect accommodation. Many medium priced hotels and resorts at Karon beach match with your holiday plan. If you intend to make your holiday pleasant and want to get expected qualities and services within your budget, there are many options to grab the opportunities at Karon Beach. Most of the accommodation are ready to provide you outstanding services in mid-range. Moreover, you will get some extra onsite featured services. Our Best 8 Budget Hotels will ensure you the best deal to save your time, effort, and money.

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Beachfront hotel karonluxury hotels patong

View and Comfort

Beachfront accommodation of Karon beach are the spots of an incredible feeling. The picturesque beauty and harmony of wave sounds of the beach will confirm you that you have chosen the perfect holiday accommodation. This type of property offers you lucrative services and cordial hospitalities. Some extra features will be offered you to help you enjoy the beach activities i.e.; umbrella, massage, mat services, and snacks. These hotels also ensure outstanding dining options with many different Thai and international tastes and flavours. Our classified Best 8 Beachfront Hotels of Karon will deliver you with well-designed services and information on the best facilities at the beach location.

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Deal and Save

There are many hotels with excellent facilities that often offer many discounts. Most of the hotels create an opportunity for a discount-for limited time. All year round, they provide several lucrative offers. However, every graceful service you will consume on these hotels can be included in a package. This discount package usually covers all classy and featured amenities. So check the best deal that linked our Discount Deals.

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