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4 Top Tips when visiting Phuket

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Tip No. 1: Metered Taxis

metered taxis

The Thai Military have cracked down on Phuket’s overpriced ‘taxi mafia’ since the 2014 coup. Whilst Metered Taxis  have been introduced they are still hard to find. Price boards outline maximum rates.

So in order to avoid being overcharged get the phone number of a metered taxi and use that driver throughout your stay.

The best way to get sorted is to take a metered taxi from the airport upon arrival. This is always the easiest place to find metered taxis.

You can find metered taxis 50 metres to the right as you exit arrivals. There is an airport tax of 100B to start with.

The set rates are 50B for the first 2 km and then 12B per kilometre for the next 15km and then 10B per kilometre thereafter.

Tip No. 2: What’s on in Phuket?

You want to pack as much as possible into your holiday and to do this you have to research first and develop a daily plan of activities.

The daily news websites are a great source of information about what’s on in Phuket. The weekly english language Phuket Gazette publishes information on island wide activities including dining and entertainment, plus the latest drama and scandals. You will get an insight to the good, the bad and the ugly in Phuket and what to watch out for.

Another news site is Phuket Wan which means “Sweet Phuket Every Day” and is the first site on the island dedicated especially to tourism, property, restaurants and nightlife, and jobs.

Each weekday, some or all of those important aspects of island life are updated at Phuketwan. Most island residents and visitors or would-be visitors will find the site informative and find a lot of information about what’s on in Phuket.

Another great resource, Phuket News is an excellent source on island life.

They pride themselves on their ability to deliver high quality media services to Thais, Expats and Tourists alike on Phuket. Community-focused news with a large reader contribution and a minimum of 5,000 newspapers printed every week.

Tip No. 3: Tiger Kingdom

tigersDuring your visit to Phuket you will be handed or pick up a brochure about Phuket’s controversial Tiger Kingdom.

This attraction opened in 2013 and provides hundreds of daily visitors the opportunity to stroke, feed and pose for selfies with domesticated tigers (cubs and full grown tigers).

Concerns of animal welfare and human safety abound with attractions like these. There are constant reports about animal cruelty.

Tip No. 4: Jet Ski Scams

jetskiWhilst the Governor of Phuket declared jet skis illegal in 1997 and rebanned in 2014 the actual enforcement has been difficult.If you are hiring a jet ski especially on Hat Patong be very aware of one of the biggest scams on the Island of Phuket.

There are endless stories of unscrupulous jet ski owners who, upon your return, claim that you have caused damage to the jet ski. Damage which was already pre-existing before you hired it.

Be aware things can get very nasty with these operators.

Tourists are often reporting extortion attempts, physical threats and involvement by police who are allegedly often involved with the scam as well.

To avoid these unpleasant encounters, insist on inspecting the craft prior to use, particularly underneath and along the sides.







25 Phuket travel tips you should know before visiting Phuket


Travelling is always enjoyable and everyone wants to have a wonderful holiday. But sometimes if you don’t know the important travelling information about the place you are going to travel, it can bring bad experience. If you are planning to visit Phuket, the Pearl of the Andaman Sea in the near future, you must know how to make an amazing holiday. We have created an extended list of Phuket Travel Tips to organize your holiday, to avoid any unpleasant wonders and familiarize with Phuket reality!

1. Learn some Thai Phrases

While travelling Phuket, you may face language obstacle. Though English is spoken in Phuket, but it may be difficult to understand Thai English. So, you should learn some basic phrases in Thai before going to Phuket. These phrases may be – “Hello” (in Thai “sa wat dee”), “How are you” (in Thai “sa baai dee reu”), “Pleased to meet you” (in Thai “yin dee thee dai ruu jak”), “What’s your name”(in Thai “(kun chêu a-rai “), “ Thank you” (in Thai “kòp kun mâak”), and “See you later” (in Thai “laaeo phohp gan mai”).

Thai people are very friendly and will help you understand Thai language. If you pantomime they will tolerate it. Learning some Thai phrases is one of the important Phuket travel tips you must know if you visit this city.

2. You’ll find cost-effective and easy transport in Phuket

Phuket Travel TipsPhuket Transport will come in second in our Phuket travel tips. While travelling in Phuket, you can choose cost-effective and easy transport. If you always rent taxi or private car, it may cost you much money. Here, you’ll easily find buses, Songthaews, Tuk-tuks, cars, motorbikes, and other transports to move from one place to another. Though train service is not available in Phuket, you’ll find Airport Bus Phuket, a government official bus service providing transportation between Phuket Town and the Phuket International Airport. Besides, you will also find cost-effective water transport including Long Tail Boats, Speedboats, Yachts, Catamarans, Liveaboard vessels, and Chinese Junks in Phuket. You can learn more about Phuket Transport system in our published article.

3.You can travel to Phuket with pets

If you want to travel to Phuket with your adorable pets you must follow some Thai rules and regulations. The Animal Quarantine Station at Airport and Livestock Department of Thailand have adopted the following rules-

(i) Submit the pet transportation form.
(ii) Recently checked health report of pets (not before 2-3 days’ departure)
(iii) Exports permit form along with animal health certificates issued by agent.

4. Pick a right hotel

To choose right accommodation at right place is a very important step for a well enjoyed holiday in Phuket. Many travellers can’t choose right hotels. They book a hotel that is very far from beaches and spend most of their valuable holiday time travelling to and from. They keep little time left for amusing adventure activities and ruin their holiday pleasure. Before reaching Phuket, you should choose right hotel on right beach. Beachfront hotels will help you book a right hotel that is very close to the beach. If you are new to Phuket, it’s preferable to book your hotel near the best beaches in Phuket.

5. Exchange Money Carefully

Every traveller should know how to exchange money carefully. If you’re using credit cards, the hotel reservation agent will convert the amount into your home currency. But they’ll do it at the hotel’s prevailing exchange rate (that can be 10% higher than bank’s rate), plus 3% service charge. There are many money exchange agents available in almost every shopping mall, every bank, and small money exchange booths beside road. So, if any unknown person offers you money exchange service don’t accept it and be careful. Currency exchange rate may vary place to place in Phuket. We suggest you to follow this as one of the best Phuket travel tips.

6. Car Insurance

If you know about car rental process in Phuket, it may save you from any uncertain incidents. Renting a car at Phuket International Airport is very easy. But you should book in advance if you prefer a specific model of car during the high season (November to April). Cars are third party insured and this insurance will only cover the damage done to the other vehicle if you hit. But you must pay for any damage to your rented car. You should always double check the condition of your car before leaving the airport. Besides, you’ll find lot of car rental on the streets around Phuket too.

7. Sim Cards

The fastest way is to pick up a sim card at the Phuket International Airport. On the airport premises, you’ll find many mobile network companies offering sim cards with multiple packages specially designed for tourists. You can choose your desired package ranging from 3-day, 7-day, 10-day or 1 month including different data packs. All sim cards named TrueMove H, DTAC, and AIS 12Call work quite well but DTAC and AIS are better than others for data transmission (Internet and Facebook). Whenever you need to buy mobile data pack or recharge money go to 7-11 store which is available everywhere in Phuket. You should remember this as one of Phuket travel tips.

8. Electricity and Plugs

Electricity in Phuket is 220 volts at 50 hz which is compatible with devices found in many countries in the world. If you’re coming from a country that is not compatible, you can use a voltage converter. You’ll find it among travel accessories sold in Phuket International Airport or in other local stores. Even if you don’t need a voltage converter you’ll probably require plug adapters. Most electrical outlets or super shops in Phuket sell plugs with either ‘two flat pins’ or ‘two round pins’ in the same configuration.

9. Water and Ice
One of the most important Phuket Travel Tips you must know is about water. According to the general consensus, tap water is not safe to drink and it may cause many stomach problems. Bottled mineral water is safe & hygienic, so you should drink only bottled water. Your hotel will supply a couple of complimentary bottles of water, and you can also buy bottled water from 7-11 stores found everywhere in Phuket. Ice producing factories are licensed and regularly inspected by the government and they produce ice from filtered water so it is totally safe to consume.

10. Eat right food

One of the important Phuket travel tips is while staying in Phuket, you should eat right food. You can get sick by eating wrong kinds of foods like short-fried meat, spoiled meat, uncooked fresh vegetables and raw or undercooked shellfish. Thai foods have worldwide fame for its tasty and spicy flavour. Choose your desired dish from the 8 best Thai foods which are very tasty and healthy. There are also many healthy international dishes like sandwiches, hamburgers, pasta, fish and chips found immensely in beachside restaurants, shopping malls, and in rustic eateries. You should choose healthy and delicious food for an amazing holiday.

11. Respect Thai Culture and Custom

You must not forget one of the necessary Phuket travel tips which is Thai culture and custom. You should greet others with the Wai (placing palms together at your chest and bowing your head). You must stand when national anthem is played before movies, concerts and sporting events start. Thai King and Queen as well as the Royal Family members are held in great respect by Thai people, so as a traveller, you should refrain from making disparaging remarks about the royals.

12. Don’t touch anyone on the head and don’t point your feet to others

The important thing to know in Phuket is that head is considered sacred by Thais and shouldn’t be touched. Also, you should not point your feet to others. When you’re are sitting on the subway, it is somewhat impossible to perform this. But if you are sitting directly opposite to someone while talking, point your feet off to avoid being disrespectful.

13. Don’t be topless in public places in Phuket

You shouldn’t be topless in public places in Phuket. Thai people consider it as a bad taste and a low standard of behaviour. Dressing properly is the most respectful way to travel anywhere in Phuket. But
on the beaches you can enjoy sunbathing as you desire.

14. Bargain and negotiating price

The interesting fact you should know is bargaining. Bargaining or negotiating price is a form of art in Phuket and is practiced very openly. At markets, small stores, shops and street vendors, bargaining is the norm and it can save your money. Before you get in taxi or Tuk-tuk, you should negotiate a price. If you don’t bargain or negotiate price, you’ll have to pay more. By bargaining, you can expect to pay 10-40% less than the original asking price. Remember, price is fixed in all supershops, big shopping malls and international brand stores. This is one of the necessary Phuket travel tips you should remember.

15. Put passport, cash and jewels in the safe place

You should not carry passport, jewels and lots of cash money with you when travelling outside hotel. Accidents may take place or you can lose the bag containing these items. You should put them in a deposit box safely in the hotel and make some colour photocopies of passport pages to present on demand. It is one of Phuket vacation tips to remember.

16. Don’t carry a large amount of money when going out at night

Though rare, crimes of violence may happen in Phuket. Sometimes the news of attacks on foreigners’ riding motor cycles or cars at late night on deserted roads is published in the dailies. The attackers snatch away bags, jewellery and other essentials from the foreigners. You should not carry a bag with a large amount of money and essentials when going out at night. Don’t forget this another of Phuket travel tips to avoid unwanted incidents.

17. Beware of Credit Card Fraud

Though credit card fraud has not reached at an alarming scale in Phuket, you should beware of it. If you face any ATM problems, you should not take help of others, rather you should contact the bank immediately. You must use ATM machines attached to banks to avoid credit card defrauding and should not forget this important Phuket Travel Tip.

18. Contact the tourist police when any problem is faced

Being a much-commercialized tourism location, Phuket attracts a few criminals and scam masters. The crimes that affect travellers a little are thefts and scams in the forms of pickpocketing in busy areas or thefts from the hotel rooms. If you fall into trouble or face any problem, the tourist police are ready to help you. They speak good English and have a lot of experience in dealing with foreigners. They are a great resource for vacationers in Phuket and will assist you with advice, directions and answers of any questions you may have. The tourist police will also inform the police of the matter if it is outside of their jurisdiction. You can contact the tourist police on 1155. We’ll say this is one of the most important Phuket travel tips so you should save this number in your mobile while travelling Phuket.

19. Swim safely in low season

We are presenting “safe swimming in low season” as one of the important Phuket travel tips you should follow. Rip currents prevail in the Andaman Sea during low season (from May to October). They are treacherous and move at a speed of up to 8 feet per second. One second you stand on the sand, the second later you will be metres away, and swimming back can be impossible. If you want to swim in low season, choose a hotel with a fantastic swimming pool or the best way to go on sailing yacht or motor yacht. You must not swim in the sea if there are red warning flags on the beach. You should take warning signs seriously. You’ll also see life guard on every beach so take help from them if it’s necessary.

Don’t forget this one of the very important Phuket travel tips while swimming on any beach in Phuket

20. Jet Ski damage scam

Jet Ski damage scam is one of Phuket tourism guides you must remember while travelling Phuket. Jet Ski costs around 1,500 bath for 30-minute riding but it is not fixed. It is just an indication; the rate varies with the gasoline price. Jet Ski riders often become the victims of scams involving huge unjustified fines.  When you return Jet Ski, the owner of it can ask you to pay for some damages whether you have made these damages or these were previously there. If you would like to rent a jet ski you should be alert. Check your jet ski before taking it out and note any damage if exists.

21. Beware of visa overstaying

One of the most important Phuket travel tips you must remember is Thai visa overstaying regulations. According to the newly announced overstay rules found from Thai Visa Forum, if you overstay it will cost 500 baht for per additional day for the next 40 or more days, but not more than 90 days. If you overstay more than 90 days, the following rules apply:

  • Overstay more than 90 Days –  1 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstay more than 1 Year –    3 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstay more than 3 Years –   5 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstay more than 5 Years – 10 year ban from Thailand

You must memorise the expiry date of the arrival stamp on your passport to avoid this penalty.

22. Never Whistle at Night

Thai people believe that whistling at night brings bad luck because this act calls the evil spirits. They become very uneasy if they hear a whistle in dark. This is one of the travel tips for Phuket to remember while staying in it.

23. Dress politely when visiting temples

Walking around town areas in beach attire is considered impolite and you should take it one of the useful Phuket travel tips. You should be extra-conscious of your attire when visiting temples. Wear clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Avoid beachwear, short skirts and T-shirts with offensive images in Phuket temples. Some temples like Big Buddha, Wat Chalong offer the facility to take a free sarong from a booth on their premises in case you’ve come directly from the beach or did not know about the dress code. Remembering this necessary one of Phuket travel tips, you’ll pay proper respect to Thai culture.

24. Tipping anyone for some service is not mandatory in Phuket

If you tip anyone for their service it will be appreciated but NOT customary in Phuket. Unlike the other parts of the world, you will never observe a Thai staff waiting for a tip. Tipping totally depends on your whim and intention.

25. Choose transport carefully while planning a Phi Phi Tour

Phi Phi is one of the most popular islands near Phuket and visited by thousands of travellers. Many tour agents arrange Phi Phi tours by speedboats. But in low season these tours may be risky because this time rip current exists in the Andaman Sea. So, it is highly recommended to avoid speedboat for Phi Phi Island tour. If you want to make a safe, comfortable and enjoyable Phi Phi tour, we will suggest to go by a well-maintained high speed catamaran. We at PhuketNow arrange a Phi Phi Island day tour to have an amazing and unforgettable day out for the travellers.

We’ve tried to present the most important Phuket travel tips to make your holiday extraordinary. However, you should not stress over visiting Phuket. Phuket is really an amazing island city and the best holiday destination in Thailand. Once you reach this city, your pre-holiday worries will disappear as other new travellers.

If you are new to Phuket or a frequent Phuket traveller, you may know many necessary information about Phuket. If you think there are other tips to learn, please place your comments below to let us know. We would like to share your experience with Phuket fans and readers. Stay with PhuketNow.com, where your holiday begins.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival, the most renowned Chinese religious event

Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Do you desire to witness a religious festival while visiting Phuket? Phuket Vegetarian Festival is one of the most outstanding Chinese religious festivals which visitors can witness and participate in. It is one of the major annual events on the Chinese calendar celebrated by Phuket Chinese people.

When and Where

Phuket Vegetarian Festival (or Nine Emperor Gods Festival) is a famous 9-day Chinese festival. It is held in the 9th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It happens between September and October of the Gregorian (internationally used) calendar.

This festival takes place in the immediate vicinity of the 6 Chinese temples in Phuket. It starts from the main temple named Jui Tui Shrine located on Soi Phutorn, Ranong Road, close to Phutorn Kanchang Shop.

Origin of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival origin is unknown but it is commonly believed that this festival was first launched by a Chinese opera group who became sick with malaria while performing in Phuket. They decided to adhere to a vegetarian diet and prayed to the Nine Emperor Gods to come round from illness. Amazingly, the opera group completely recovered from malaria. This sparked a great curiosity among the Phuket people, who asked how it was done. The answer came that ritual vegetarianism with associated ceremonies had been the cause, and Chinese people accepted this as a faith very enthusiastically. Thus this Phuket festival started and it was 1825


Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The first event of Phuket vegetarian festival starts with the raising of the poles. A great pole named Go Teng pole is raised at each Chinese temple in the afternoon before the festival begins. At midnight the pole is hung with nine lanterns, indicating the opening of the festival.  Two important gods named Yok Ong Hong Tae and Kiew Ong Tai Tae are invited down at midnight to preside over the ceremonies. Besides this, other ceremonies including invocation of gods (Lam Tao and Pak Tao) and procession of gods’ images also take place during the festival. Fireworks and drums playing continue throughout the whole festival and it is said that the louder they are the better, because noises drive away evil spirits. During street processions, visitors can see participants walking along the streets or can join them.

One of the most thrilling aspects of this vegetarian festival Thailand are shocking ceremonies which are performed to invoke the gods. Bladed ladder climbing, fire-walking, body piercing with metal pins and other acts of self-mortification become the most outstanding. The participants of these actions act as the representatives of the gods.

Men and sometimes women puncture their checks with various items, including knives, skewers and other metal objects. People believe that the persons who will do these activities will be protected by Chinese gods from harm. These activities of Phuket vegetarian festival piercing are not recommended for the faint-hearted people to witness.


Participants of this Thai vegetarian festival stick to a vegetarian diet for varying numbers of days, usually more than three to make themselves strong in mind and body. They also refrain from all vices, eating animal flesh and killing creatures. They usually wear white and yellow dresses.


Apart from the witness of this vegetarian food festival, visitors can consume amazing cuisines specially prepared for this festival. These dishes are available at street stalls and markets around Phuket. To find vegetarian food stalls, you have to look for yellow flags with red Chinese or Thai characters.

To remember about Phuket Vegetarian Festival

You have to bring a mask and ear protections to be saved from much smoking and firecrackers sound of Phuket vegetarian festival. You shouldn’t forget to bring a camera to take amazing photos of this Phuket lantern festival as well.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival is one of the oldest and most respected spiritual festivals, which signifies good hygiene habits, inner peace, brightness, happiness, love and fun. It also offers the believers a great opportunity to exhibit the depth of their religious faith.

Phuket International Airport, the second busiest airport in Thailand


About the Airport

Phuket International Airport (HKT) is the gateway to arrive in Phuket and the second busiest airport in Thailand. As Phuket is an ideal travel destination, millions of travellers visit Phuket Island every year to enjoy the spectacular beauty of beaches, wonderful islands in the Andaman Sea, and world-class accommodation services. This airport contributes a lot to the developement of tourism in southern Thailand.

Phuket international Airport (HKT) has opened in 1987. Since then HKT has been under the supervision of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) since 2002. AOT is the child organization of the Ministry of Finance of Thailand. The airport has undergone an expansion project of about 5.14 Billion Baht, which is almost finished in 2016.

This airport enjoys huge passenger numbers and cargo from all over the world. It is situated (exactly coordinates are 8.111382, and 98.306432 in google map) to the south of Phang Nga province. About 48 airplanes including Jetstar, Air Asia, Air Berlin, Air China, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Dragon air, Finnair, Firefly, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Express, Nok air, Qatar Airways, Shanghai Airlines, fly into and out of Phuket.

As the Island of Phuket’s size is 222.4 mi2 (about 398 km2), you can reach everywhere in the city within a short time from Phuket International Airport. You can arrive at famous Patong Beach within an hour by Taxi or bus. Other famous beach areas are also not far from Phuket airport either.

Specialization of Phuket International Airport

Runway: 08/26, 3050m long, 45m wide

Flight Capacity: 30 Flights per hour

Pitch Characteristic: Asphaltic Concrete

Durability: PCN /60/F/X/T

Apron area: 56461 m2

Aircraft Parking Area: 7 parking stands (2 parking with contact gates and 5 remote Parking bays)

Sea Level: HKT is 82 feet (25m) above sea level.

Traffic statistics: Phuket International Airport handled 12.9 million passengers in 2015, 12.8 million in 2014, 82000 aircraft operations and 37, 374 tonnes freight services in 2015.



Phuket International Airport has mainly two terminals, Terminal-1 for international flights and Terminal-2 for domestic flights. Terminal X has been used for chartering flights since 2014.


Phuket International Airport handles the immigration process in an easy way. Sometimes you may need to wait a little longer especially during the high season (November to April) due to large numbers of travellers’ arriving. Just be patient and stroll through the process without fuss, Once through you can then pick your luggage from the conveyor belt and then leave the Airport by taxi, hire car or bus to start your amazing holiday.

Security information

Every passenger should follow the screening and security system of AOT during arrival and departure. Flight staff & airport personnel must follow the rules of entrance and exit under AOT. Essential items such as medicine, liquids, aerosols, gels, and infant nutrition are permitted in an appropriate quantity (max. 100 ml for liquid). For more info about security systems of Phuket International Airport, please visit HKT Security System.

Health control

To protect the international outbreak of contagious diseases, AOT implements the closely monitoring system to save the country from infection. HKT follows some extra care for the passenger of Yellow Fever Countries. HKT doesn’t allow any native who is seriously infected by any contagious diseases.

Facilities for disabled

For the disabled passengers who need extra care, HKT manages all services including wheelchair parking for waiting, elevator for moving, and public telephone for communicating with people. For further info, please contact the information counter at the airport.

Hotel Reservation

Hotel reservation counter can be found in the arrival hall at Phuket International Airport. Phuket offers a wide range of good accommodation from low-cost to luxurious for travellers. It is important to choose the right hotel for the right beach for a comfortable staying in Phuket. You can check the 8 Best hotels in Phuket to choose the best accommodation for a great holiday.

Bank & Currency exchange facilities

You can use your credit for consuming any item inside the airport. You can exchange your currency at any of the 4 currency exchange counters in the arrival hall. You will also find a currency exchange booth in the departure hall.


Tourist mobile connection/ Roaming

After arriving at ground floor, you will find a booth which provides the tourist SIM and internet connection for mobile communication. You can also roam your native network with any network provider of Phuket.

Duty-free shopping

You can buy many products without VAT/Tax from 10 retail shops inside this airport. During your holiday, you can visit best 8 shopping malls in Phuket for a great shopping experience.

Restaurant in airport

You will find many snack bars in the different areas of both terminals. Big restaurants are located on the 3rd floor. In Phuket, never forget to taste best Thai delicious food.

Tour service counter

Tour service booth is situated in the departure hall. While travelling Phuket, you’ll get opportunity to plan some amazing tours to many different famous Islands. If you are interested, you can choose your desired tour from build Your Tour Packages to have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Claim Your Baggage

Baggage conveyors in Phuket International Airport are well disciplined. There are 6 baggage conveyors in this airport. Two conveyor belts are used for domestic arrival and other two for international arrival. The remaining are for departure.


There are plenty of different modes of transport to get around Phuket. You can ride on the airport bus or public bus to reach your hotel. To avoid hassle, get to your hotel booking with an airport transfer. Almost every hotel has an airport transfer service. Cost effective & easy transports will save you money as well as time. You can rent a car, Limousine taxi, meter Taxi, mini van for, tuk tuk for a comfortable journey.

Lost & found department/ luggage storage services

Every airport has lost & found department for seeking one’s baggage or documents. Unfortunately, if you lose your belongings, please contact Airport Information Counter or directly Lost & Found Department.

The central phone of Phuket Airport Information Counter is (076) 327230-7.

If you are looking for a service to keep your Luggage safe, there is a service room on the 1st floor in the domestic arrival hall. THB 80 is charged for per day for safe keeping.

Phuket International Airport provides world-class services. The airport authority is committed to offering the best service possible to passengers. Check Phuket Travel Guide for other information about traveling with kids and pets, food & water, shopping & nightlife, travel insurance and Thai visa regulation.

Chinese New Year, the famous Chinese Festival in Phuket


Do you want to enjoy a Chinese festival while visiting Phuket?

The Chinese New Year is the vibrant festival that promises to be an auspicious and amusing event for the millions of people who witness and celebrate it. It is also one of the most popular Chinese festivals celebrated with great pomp and fanfare in Phuket.

When & Where?

Chinese New Year’s Day (Trut Chin in Thai) is the first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar but it is different each year on the Gregorian (internationally used) calendar. It ranges between January 21 st and February 20 th of the Gregorian calendar. Every year during this time, the Chinese New Year is celebrated magnificently in Phuket, like other cities and towns in the world.

The Chinese New Year Festival generally takes place in the Sino-Portuguese quarters of Old Phuket Town with many exciting shows including the lion dance, the dragon dance and Phuket traditional dances. During this 2-day festival, four famous streets named Thalang Road, Krabi Road, Dibuk Road and Phang Nga Road remain closed to motorized traffic.

How it is celebrated?

Chinese festival

Regular fireworks displays, colourful processions and street parades take place throughout the New Year day and evening to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chinese houses and living rooms are decorated with vases of flowers, platters of oranges & ; tangerines and a tray full of 8 varieties of dried sweet fruits. The entrances of numerous houses and shops are also festooned with red banners and decorations to encourage prosperity and happiness during the coming year. Traditional music and dance performances, taking fun food and ethnic dishes, as well as martial arts displays add a new edge to this festival.

Chinese people bid the old year farewell and welcome the New Year through ear-splitting firecrackers. The firecrackers are part and parcel of the celebration that happen every day throughout the festival. Popular traditions dictate that on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, every door and even windows of a house have to be opened to allow the old year to depart.

What to Consume?

 Chinese festival

The Chinese New Year festival offers a great opportunity to consume special & tasty dishes.Various items of food are eaten during this New Year celebration than any other time of the year. Lots of traditional dishes with specific ingredients are prepared for family members,friends and the spirits of ancestors. Consuming such types of dishes at this time is considered lucky.

On the Eve of the Chinese New Year, Chinese families dedicate special dinner items to the spirits of the ancestors for their nice past contributions to the family prosperities. The communal feast of ‘weilu’ (meaning ‘surrounding the stove’) is arranged around the family dining table and is a perfect way to join the spirits of the past with the family of the present. This joining symbolises family unity.

Dresses &  Gifts

chinese festival

On the occasion of the New Year, Phuket Chinese people wear red nice dresses for a happy and glorious future. They believe that appearance & attitude in the New Year creates the tone for the rest of the year, so kids and unmarried friends as well as close relatives are presented with ‘lai see’ (little red envelopes with money inside) for good luck. Oranges and tangerines symbolise abundant happiness, so if you visit a Chinese family during the celebration you must take these fruits as a gift to ensure a long relation with the persons you are meeting.


chinese festival

Chinese New Year in Phuket is the good time when people get a nice chance to buy famous Thai items and international brands. Departmental stores and locals shops, like Central Festival Phuket and Phuket Weekend Market offer amazing discounts and deals on clothing, groceries, sporting gears, electronics, jewellery items for buyers in the hope of starting the new year in an auspicious and successful way. It is also a perfect time for visitors to shop in Old Phuket Town markets.

The Chinese New Year is the most famous and most important festival in Phuket. During this festival, tourists from many countries of the world including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong flock to Phuket to enjoy these celebrations. You can also plan to take part in the celebrations of this glorious festival. Start your amazing holiday with PhuketNow.


Sailing Yachts, the perfect way to discover the Andaman Sea


Would you like to explore the beautiful islands around Phuket on a yacht?
Sailing yachts or motor yachts will offer you the greatest opportunity to enjoy magnificent scenery, isolated bays, marvellous white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, on board fishing, diving adventures and exciting snorkelling in the Andaman Sea. It will also provide you with the chance to discover the natural wonders of the exquisite Phang Nga Bay with its’ towering limestone cliffs for an amazing holiday experience.


Sailing yachts and motor yachts are perfect to explore the extensive region that is the Andaman Sea

sailing yachtsSailing yachts or motor yachts are perfectly suited to discover the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea lies in the Northern Indian Ocean, in the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar (Burma) of the west coast of Thailand, north of Sumatra and east of the Andaman Islands. It surrounds Phuket from the west, south and east, you can easily discover the amazing beauty of the surrounding islands by chartering sailing yachts.


Discover the remote Islands of the Andaman Sea on sailing yachts

sailing yachts Phuket is the perfect base from which you can start your expedition to its surrounding island destinations. Phuket’s west coast itself is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand and perfectly suited for travellers who seek idyllic natural beauty, sandy beaches and exciting beach activities. 120 Kilometres to the north-west of Phuket, there are many famous islands including the Similan and Surin islands which offer great opportunities to enjoy thrilling snorkelling and scuba diving at world famous dive sites such as Richelieu Rock. Further north is the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar (Burma), home to hundreds of Virgin Islands perfectly suited to wonderful scuba diving with unlimited fish sightings and Island exploration. The Picturesque Phi Phi islands lie 40 Kilometres to the South East of Phuket town while the Racha islands are 20 kilometres south of Phuket’s Chalong Bay. Plan an amazing sailing yachtsPhi Phi Islands day tour to enjoy diving, snorkelling and sightseeing.  5 Islands by Luxury Yacht offers you to discover the wonders of the Racha Islands. To the north east of Phuket is the picturesque Phang Nga Bay, where you’ll find the unique stilt village of Koh Pan Yi, Koh Hong in Panak island, Koh Yao Noi & Koh Yao Yai, as well as the world famous James Bond Island (Koh Ping Kan). These islands offer ample opportunities for trekking, sightseeing, paddling, watching birds, snorkelling and scuba diving, you can plan a Phang Nga Bay by Junk tour to enjoy these splendid on water activities.


The Piers from which our sailing yachts depart

 sailing yachtsOur specially selected sailing yachts and tours are, put simply, the perfect way to discover the mysteries and beauty of the Andaman Sea. To make this easily accessible, Phuket has a number of well-run piers. The busiest piers of Phuket are Ao Chalong pier, Rassada Pier, Ao Por Pier, The Dolphin pier, Phuket Ferry pier, Sea Angel pier and Bang Rong pier. Additional to these piers, in Phang-Nga province is Thap lamu pier.

Ao Chalong, is a well-known starting point for sailing yachts and is home to the popular Phuket Yacht Club. Ao Chalong Pier is 10.5 km from Phuket Town and 41.2 km from Phuket International Airport.  Rassada Pier is 2.7 km from Phuket Town and 32.9 km from Phuket International Airport. Thap lamu pier is 70.7 km from Phuket International Airport. Sailing yachts or motor yachts can be chartered for day trips or overnight charters from Chalong Bay, Ao Por, Thap Lamu and the four Phuket Marinas, of Yacht Haven,  Boat Lagoon, Ao Por Grande and the Royal Phuket Marina.


Wonderful destinations of the Andaman Sea

sailing yachtsBy sailing yachts  (such as, the 110-foot pirate ship,  the classic sailing yacht “willow”, 75-foot schooner ’Seraph’, Lagoon 380 S2 catamaran, 38-foot family sailing catamaran or one of our 48-foot cruising catamarans), you can reach any of the fantastic destinations such as the islands of Coral and Koh Bon, Koh Racha Yai and Noi, Koh Mai Ton, The Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, Krabi & its surrounding Islands, and Koh Naka to discover the tropical realms and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.


Features of sailing yachts

sailing yachtsOur sailing yachts or motor yachts are built to consider guest comfort. You’ll be astonished by the charm & beauty of our sailing yachts. They are spacious and well equipped for a comfortable journey. Some sailing yachts include Air Conditioned cabins with en-suite bath rooms and showers. If required, you’ll find scuba diving equipment (including masks, wetsuits, fins and regulator sets with computers) ready for scuba diving, fishing equipment for fishing, kayaks stand up paddle boards, wi-fi facilities, electricity for charging, and audio & multimedia system for entertainment. You will taste delicious cuisines (including sea food, other Thai and western specialties).  Our sailing yachts have a well-stocked supply of cocktails, beer and wine. These sailing yachts are safe, stable and a pleasure to sail on with well trained, experienced and qualified crew.

All sailing yachts are fully equipped and crewed by professional, licensed crew. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy sailing, or if you would like to be active, you can assist in the sail handling or take a turn at the helm. Your crew will attend to everything during your sailing holiday. The crew will invite at least one chef to prepare all meals. You don’t need to worry about meals maintenance, cooking or cleaning, all will be performed by the crew.

Sailing yachts are perfectly suited for anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events or a group of like-minded people who want to experience the wonder of sailing in the Andaman Sea.
Sailing yachts are the perfect way to discover the most fantastic diving sites and sailing destinations in the Andaman Sea to have one of the greatest holiday experiences in Phuket. You will have many stories to tell if you visit the famous sites around Phuket by sailing yachts. Start your holiday with PhuketNow.com – where your holiday begins!

Wat Chalong, the largest Thai and most revered Temple in Phuket


Wat Chalong (Thai) or Chalong Temple (English) is the largest and most visited temple in Phuket. Among 29 temples, Wat Chalong is the famous one formally known as Wat Chaiyathararam located on Chaofa West Road of Chalong, Phuket. It is just 8 km away from Phuket city, 38 km from Phuket International Airport, 16.3 km from Patong and 3 km from Chalong Circle.

Historical Background

No one knows the exact history of Wat Chalong’s establishment. But some people guess the main Wat was established in the current location in 1837, during the reign of King Rama II.

Later, the premises of Wat Chalong had been developed with other buildings. Many conventional tales about it are heard. One of them is “a rebellion between Phuket locals and Chinese immigrant mine workers during the 1870’s”.

Local Tin mine owners interfered to stop opium growing by Chinese migrants. A turbulent situation was developed from this issue. The Chinese made an Angyee Society to attack the provincial hall and finally killed some people. Some locals were frightened, and they did not understand what to do and where to go. They took shelter in Wat Chalong and informed Luang Poh Chaem (1827-1908), the Abbot of the Wat Chalong about the imminent danger. As a monk, he assured people not to be afraid and made a safe zone for them. He gave them white headbands and motivated them to fight against Chinese workers whenever they would attack.

Afterwards, the Chinese attacked the Wat and broke the walls. The sign of broken walls is still evident today. Locals fought against them for a long time. Although the Monk was not engaged physically in the fight, he performed a miracle. After a long fighting, locals won and they were very happy. In this way, many tales are conventional about Luang Poh Chaem. Lah Poh Chuang was also a Monk. Both were great carers of the locals through some herbal treatments and walking stick miracles. The news of victory reached the King Rama V, who invited the Monk Luang Pho Chaem to the Bangkok Royal Palace. The king bestowed him the title of “Phra Kru Wisit Wongsacharn”.

Attractions of Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is not only a temple, it is also a premises of Ubosot (ordination hall), Chedi (Conical shaped building that contains a bell), Mondop (Prayer hall), Viharn (Assembly Hall), Sala (resting pavilion) and Crematorium (Dead body funeral place).

Ubosot (ordination hall)

wat chalongThe Bot or Ubosot is the prime part of this Wat used as the main prayer room and ritual activities. Many golden sculptures of abbots including Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang are kept in this main hall of Wat, and people pay their respects to them. People enter the Ubosot and show their reverence by presenting flowers in front of sculptures & golden leafs on the Monks’ body and pray for future welfare. A Buddha mural and Jataka tales have been painted on the walls that describe the life history of Lord Buddha.


Chedi and Relic of Buddha

wat chalongThe grand pagoda called Phra Mahathat Chedi is a 61.9 metres high conical sacred building. The whole Wat Chalong is mostly revered for keeping the relics of the Lord Buddha in Chedi, which was brought from Sri-Lanka in 1999. Phra Borom Sareerikatat is the name of fragment of Buddha’s bone that was firstly installed behind glass at 60 metres high at Phra Mahathat Chedi by HRH Crown Prince Maha VajiralongKorn.

The exterior of Chedi is adorned with intricate sculptures of Buddha resting in the beachfront window. Inside of this Chedi is full of sculptures represent east, west, north, and south parts of Thailand. Most of the natives pay their religious respect to Chedi to get a merit. These paintings are lessons of learning to tourists.



wat chalongMondop or mandapa is a square designed pavilion where some scriptures or holy items are kept.





wat chalongViharn or Wiharn looks like an Ubosot where Buddhist and monk ceremonies take place. It is full of Buddha images and used for praying. In the rainy season, it is also used for travelling monks’ to stay.



wat chalongSala is a rectangular pavilion that provides shelter and resting. It is used for praying.



Identifying Crematorium is easy through the high chimney. The crematorium is for burying the dead. The relatives of dead people bring dead bodies to the Wat for burning the body. The belief of locals is that a dead person will get a merit for their eternal life through burning his body.


Garden, Fountain, and Naga

wat chalongThe beautiful garden, nice fountain, Naga serpent, sema stones enhance the beauty of this Wat. They bear the religious value as well.



Etiquette on Wat Chalong Premises

As Wat Chalong is a holy place to Phuket natives, everyone should follow these formalities:

  • Shoes are not allowed inside of Wat Chalong
  • Don’t touch the statues or relics of Buddha
  • Speak in a quiet tone inside of temple
  • Women should maintain the dress code that covers arms, body and knees.

According to Thais belief, the bell of Wat Chalong spreads the wisdom. Wisdom removes confusion. Wat Chalong is a place where people of Phuket pray for peace and prosperity.

When to visit

Wat Chalong remains open from 07.00 to 17.00 every day. The entry is free. Your contributions are welcomed for the development of the temple if you want. During the festival of Chinese New Year, it turns into a crowded place for 8 days.

The 6 best water activities around Phuket


Water activities around Phuket

Phuket is surrounded by the Andaman Sea, the centre for exciting water activities and sports, all year round. The gentle breeze, clear skies and calm seas of the northeast monsoon period from November to April is ideal for Sea kayaking, snorkelling and visiting islands, fishing, sailing, scuba diving and many more water activities around Phuket. On the other hand, May to October is the best season for surfing enthusiast due to the southwest monsoon pumping onto the West coast of Thailand. All water transportation modes from the traditional long tail boats to luxury super yachts are readily available with the many styles and choices allowing for all budgets to participate in water activities around Phuket.

When you visit Phuket, you will find many spectacular beaches on the west coast of Phuket providing an impressive range of beach activities. Close at hand beautiful tropical islands and spectacular world class dive sites in the Andaman Sea, offering ample opportunities to explore the region and participate in your favourite leisure activities or to try something new and exciting water activities around Phuket.

We have listed 6 of the most popular water activities around Phuket.


Snorkelling on coral reefs

No matter if you are a swimmer or non- swimmer, snorkelling is possible for almost every person of any age. With a snorkel and mask to see the underwater marine beauty that includes colourful tropical fish, beautiful corals, sea anemones and much much more. Phuket has 36 amazing beaches, but some are particularlywater activities around phuket suited to snorkelling activities one of most played water activities around Phuket.  Some popular snorkelling points are Ao Sane (northern shore of Nai Harn Bay), Kata Noi (south of Kata Beach), Paradise Beach (south of Patong Beach), Laem Singh Beach (between Kamala & Surin Beach), Ya nui Beach (between Nai Harn Beach & Cape Promthep). You’ll also find some more fascinating snorkelling points on many famous Islands including the Phi Phi Islands of Don and Lei, Koh Khai, Coral Island and Koh Racha. The bays of these islands have extensive fringing coral reefs for enjoying water activities around Phuket.  You will see many colourful tropical fish including different species of Clown, Royal Angel, Banner, and Butterfly fish. You’ll have a great experience from these snorkelling activities in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea.


Sea Canoeing/ Kayaking in Phang Nga

water activities around phuketWith a short boat ride into Phang Nga Bay, you can enjoy Canoeing or Kayaking is one of the most popular water activities around Phuket and a great way to explore the mountainous water park environment of Phang Nga Province. You will see many limestone cliffs, mystical lagoons, Hongs (an enclosed bay within an island) with towering vegetation and hundreds of years old trees and many caves around Phang Nga Bay.  Gliding silently along in an inflatable canoe or kayak, taking a closer look into the Hong’s channels and caves under cliffs and see how amazing they are! Enjoy the darkness of the caves, the beauty of stalactites, and slow water flows through rocky channels. Sometimes low hanging and narrow channels will require you to lie in the canoe. Enjoy the day time views of a Hong with the sunlight streaking through the overhanging Island structures, towering trees and vegetation while your guide paddles you silently along.  If you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy a romantic adventure and water activities around Phuket, then the Hong by Starlight tour will bring an amazing experience to your holiday.


Scuba Diving in the Andaman Sea

Scuba Diving is one of the most thrilling water activities around Phuket available. This amazing sport is well run in Thailand with many western managed dive companies following world best practices. Many tour operators and dive companies arrange scuba diving tours using well-equipped dive boats that include professional staff andwater activities around phuket all the essentials such as dive tuition and guides, diving equipment, cleaning solution, VHF communications, air compressors, freshwater, clean bathrooms and more. Some of the  best diving locations in the world will offer you ample opportunities to explore the underwater beauty of the Andaman Sea. The famous diving points named Racha Yai & Racha Noi, Koh Doc Mai, Shark Point, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Hae, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang, Koh Similan, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, and Richelieu Rock belong to extraordinary underwater pinnacles around Phuket. These Pinnacles are full of flora & fauna including school of small fish, sea anemones, soft & hard corals and also the chance to see manta rays and the gentle giants of the sea the whale shark. Just beyond the Thai border lies the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar one of the last frontiers of the world which can now be explored by Scuba Diving. You can visit these dive sites on a Liveaboard Diving adventure which can last up to a week or more. But if you want to try or experience short-time water activities around Phuket in the Andaman Sea, you can take a day trip diving tour.


Sailing or Cruising to Different islands

water activities around phuketThe Andaman Sea is of great attraction to tourists due to its turquoise waters, tourist friendly weather, ample diving points, and plenty of scattered islands. Phang Nga, Racha, Phi Phi, Koh Yao, Koh Similan, Koh Bon, Koh Khai are the prime islands and the best for water activities around Phuket. Each of these islands is extremely beautiful for its natural characteristics. You can easily grab the opportunity to explore the pelagic beauty of the sea through well-organized Islands Package tours. For enjoying water activities around Phuket, sailing, motor yachts and speedboats are perfect vehicles to discover marine beauty. Sailing or cruising in the azure Andaman Sea will be an unforgettable holiday experience. For fishing lovers Big Games Fishing is the best choice to enjoy the catching of King Mackerel, Sailfish, Black Marlin and Wahoo etc.


Surfing on the sea or in an artificial house

water activities around phuketNai Harn, Kata, Karon, Kalim, Kamala and Surin Beaches are the best surfing points due to favourable wind direction and the pumping seas caused by the south west monsoon during April to November. Each of these surfing points offers different length of waves and perfect surfing environment for enjoying the water activities around Phuket. Just stand on the surfboard and waves of the Andaman Sea are there to welcome you. Plenty of surfboard shops are available around Phuket especially in Kata. You can purchase all kind of surfing equipment at an affordable price. If you don’t want to wait for the surfing weather, you can go to Surf house Phuket, Kata where machines generate 4-inch water sheet onto the sloping flow of the rider pool. Although, it’s not surfing on the sea, it will offer you great moments of surfing.


Anthem Wake Park for Cable Skiing

water activities around phuketWakeboarding is one of the most thrilling water activities around Phuket town. Anthem Wake Park offers cable wakeboarding for beginners and experts in its 50000 square meter lake. It is located between the famous “Two Heroines Monument” and “green village” Cherng Talay in Thalang district.

Cable ski wakeboarding can be enjoyed all year round. Many wakeboards and necessary sporting gears are ready to start exciting wakeboarding. Before starting, professional instructors at this park will give you proper instructions and safety rules. The main cable of this park is 647m long and connected with 6 towers. While wakeboarding, boarders can if they wish experience some ramps and sliders. Different cables are remotely controlled and adjusted with the speed & skills of boarders. Children can also experience this exciting sport  in safe mode.

Besides wake boarding, you can also enjoy Jet Skiing, Kite Surfing, Parasailing, white water rafting and many other water activities around Phuket. Choose your desired water sports to treasure an exciting event in your holiday experience.

The 3 Best Beaches in Phuket to visit


Phuket is blessed with so many beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches are well-known and popular with both locals & tourists for beach activities, shopping, nightlife, accommodation and eating establishments. The 3 best beaches in Phuket to visit in Phuket are Patong, Karon and Kata.

These best beaches in the Andaman Sea are the most concentrated areas of tourist accommodation, shops, nightclubs, restaurants and many other attractions in Phuket. While planning your holiday in Phuket, you must keep these beaches in your travel itinerary.


Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most popular of the 3 best beaches in Phuket and 39.8 km away from Phuket International Airport. You can go to Patong Beach from Phuket Airport by bus, private car and taxis. But the easiest way is to take a metered taxi.

Patong Beach is about 3.5 km long and best for its outstanding bay of golden sands, hill view scenery, gentle breezes and rows of various trees. The stunning sunsets and panoramic views of this best beach attract tourists from all over the world.

Best Beaches in Phuket

On Patong Beach you will find lots of world-class hotels, villas and resorts. This beach is the busiest of the best beaches in Phuket and so most of the best hotels attract tourists through their ample accommodation service facilities. You will easily find your desired accommodation from a wide range of hotel categories such as beachfront hotels, luxury hotels, luxury resorts, premium villas.
Patong Beach is No. 1 of the best beaches in Phuket for its tourist attractions. It will keep you entertained with Kathu Waterfall, Wat Suan Khiri Wong, Rain Forests, the Kathu Mining Museum, Paradise Complex, Tiger Kingdom and Flying Hanuman. A wide range of beach activities including beach volleyball, parasailing, cable skiing, swimming, jet skiing, target shooting, bowling, elephant trekking and photography are also highly attractive.

Patong, the fabulous place among the best beaches in Phuket for shopping, attracts shoppers very much. You will find lots of stalls, stores and malls selling Thai handicrafts, silk scarves, a variety of beach clothes, leisure wear, leather goods and luggage, electronic gadgets and toys. Some of these are the Jungceylon Shopping Mall diagonally opposite Bangla Road, Ocean Plaza Bangla in Patong Beach, and OTOP Market directly opposite Hard Rock Café.

When it comes to food & restaurant in Phuket, Patong is the perfect. Very few best beaches in Phuket host as many Thai and International restaurants as Patong. It features La Gritta Italian Restaurant, Joe’s Downstairs, Le Versace Restaurant and Baan Rim Pa Restaurant offering Massaman Gai (Chicken in cocunut sauce), seafood (such as fish, crab, prawn, or lobster), herbed minced chicken, crispy rice noodles, etc. If you are a Thai food lover, you’ll find some best Thai food items in Patong Restaurants.
If you think about any kind of nightlife activities in Phuket, Patong hosts a vibrant nightlife with hundreds of beer bars, Go Go bars & nightclubs, music & dance club. Centre of this nightlife is Soi Bangla (Bangla Road) from where many branch roads named Soi Sea Dragon, Soi Vegas, Soi Tiger, Soi Crocodile, Soi Gonjo, Rat-U-Thit arrange other nocturnal activities to entertain travellers. Patong’s popularity as a best beach bestows on its nightlife.
Patong Beach is a must-visit location while travelling Phuket because it offers everything to make your holiday amazing.


Karon Beach

Karon is on the west coast of Phuket, south of Patong and north of Kata. After Patong, Karon beach is an ideal destination for your holiday in Phuket. It is the second of the best beaches in Phuket. The golden sands, crystal clear water, coral reefs, lines of trees, and wonderful bay will encourage you to flock to this beach.
You can go to Karon Beach from Phuket International Airport just as you can go to Patong. A metered taxi takes around 1 hour to Karon beach. This best beach offers abundant accommodation with modern amenities. You can find best hotels in Karon beach from an extensive range of beachfront hotels, luxury hotels, luxury chain resorts, grand villas and many low cost hotels. Choose your desired hotel and stay overnight in a wonderful environment of Karon.Best Beaches in Phuket

Being one of best beaches in Phuket, Karon enjoys a great reputation for many attractive things. The main attractions are, Karon Temple, the local markets, Karon bazar, Dino Park mini golf and excellent snorkelling (and even diving) spots at its southern end. Karon provides you with many choices for shopping with great bargains. You will find lots of bustling markets, plazas, boutiques and herbal stores to purchase gifts & local foods, paintings, locally-made Thai wine, a huge selection of herbs, etc.  

Karon restaurants are great places for families & groups to have lots of foods at a reasonable price. Famous restaurants are 2gether Restaurant & Bar, Bai Toey, EAT. Bar & Grill and Nami Ice Cream. These restaurants provide abundant dishes, such as meatballs, Italian pizza, & pasta, Australian beef, pad Thai, deep-fried fish, green curry, freshly caught seafood, cocktails, juices, and ice cream. You can take a taste of these fantastic dishes at unbeatable price.

Most of the night life in this best beach rotates around the numerous restaurants near Karon Centre where live music continues up to late nights. You’ll also find many beer bars around the beach area. Obviously, a visit to this ideal place of the best beaches in Phuket will be a great holiday experience.


Kata Beach

Kata is the third of the best beaches in Phuket but the most popular after Patong.

Kata beach is on the west coast of Phuket Island, directly south of Karon Beach. It is approximately 46.9 km away from Phuket International Airport. Wonderful white sands, blue sea, Casuarina trees and a wavy environment make this beach outstanding for travellers.

Like Patong and Karon beaches, you can go to Kata by a metered taxi or by bus.

Best Beaches in Phuket

Kata achieves the prestige of being one of best beaches in Phuket to offer many good hotels, resorts, and even villas in a serene environment. You can easily select your expected hotel from many beachfront hotels to low cost hotels. You’ll definitely get outstanding accommodation facilities for a great stay in Kata. Among the best beaches in Phuket is Kata, a wonderful place for many exciting beach activities such as jet-skis, riding on the banana boat, para-sailing, snorkelling and experience beautiful reefs. Other attractions are Dino Park Mini Golf, Kata Temple, Surfing, sunset scenery, etc. Kata offers a wide range of shopping opportunities for tourists in its south, central & north parts. The main shopping plazas and bazaars are located opposite the Club Med grounds to buy sundress, shoes, leather bags, accessories, boutique and jewellery.

Kata offers an overwhelming number of restaurants with lots of mouth-watering Thai and Western cuisines. The most notable restaurants on the south end of the beach are Kata Mama Seafood and Kata Seafood where you can eat fresh seafood and Thai cuisine.

At the north end of Kata, you will find lots of locations with live music to enjoy nightlife. At the top of the small hill is Dino Park Crazy Golf open all day long but much more fun to play at night with its dinosaurs peering out of the dark. At the Southern end of Kata, you will find many live music venues and numerous bars. If you are visiting Phuket, you must head to this best beach to treasure unforgettable holiday experience.

These 3 best beaches in Phuket are extremely beautiful to spend a wonderful holiday in the comfortable atmosphere of the Andaman Sea. If you have more time to visit other beaches, check the list of 8 Best Beaches in Phuket. Start your adventure with PhuketNow.com, Where your holiday begins!




Siam Niramit Phuket, a show of Thai tradition and spiritual belief


Siam Niramit Phuket is the most desired Thai cultural and traditional extravaganza of Thai history that represents rural life, religious belief and local festivals of Thailand.

Siam Niramit Phuket has been operating since 2011 at Ratchada (also Rasada) Muang- outskirt of Phuket town. It is a world-class stage show that includes a big background visual display, use of modern technology and 2000 seats in a colossal style theatre. It has a record of the tallest proscenium (11.95-metre-high theatre) in the world that was certified by Guinness World Records on 31 July 2006. Siam Niramit Phuket has two operations, in Phuket and Bangkok. To make Siam Niramit Phuket more realistic and inspired, over 150 artists with extravagant costumes and different species of animals perform in this show. All segments of this show are presented with lighting effects, music and modern technology. Plus, many pre-show attractions around this enclosed area will get your attention.


Pre-show attractions of Siam Niramit Phuket 

The gate of Siam Niramit Phuket opens at 17.00 hr and the main show starts at 20.30 hrs. If you come early, you will enjoy many pre-show activities. This mini presentation covers traditions of all parts of Thailand.

Visit Traditional Thai Village (miniature) that represents the distinctive rural life, arts, crafts and festivals of Northeast, Northern, Southern, Southeast, and Central region.

The Magic of Naga is a 35-metre statue of Naga (Giant Snake) which looks very attractive. According to Thai belief, the Naga is God of Water and symbol of Power & Prosperity. It is presented with a fountain, light and laser show.

Elephant Feeding and Riding- the Elephants, are the performers of the main event and war parade. You can get an opportunity to feed and ride on them.

Elephant War Parade bears the history of 400 years ago of AyutthayaHistory says, when the parade of soldiers of Ayutthaya on the back of elephants came to halt in the battlefield, the opposition rebels invited them to stop the war. This is a short show that presents the history of Elephant War Parade.

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) is a kind of boxing game which was started in Thailand and its fame spread worldwide. You can take part in this game for fun, or you can enjoy others’ playing.

Outdoor Dance Floor – Enjoy Thai traditional dance performed by a group in the open sky. You can also dance here as well.

Souvenir shops offer many arts, crafts, and other fashionable items. You can purchase many wonderful items for family and friends or your collection.


A buffet dinner is included with every ticket. It has the goodwill of providing 100% hygienic foods which are certified by the GMP and HACCP. Halal Food is also available for Muslims. Beer, wines, and a wide range of drinks can be consumed on the Siam Niramit Phuket premises.


The main events of Siam Niramit Phuket

The 80 min Siam Niramit Phuket function is presented in three (3) segments named Journey back to history, Journey beyond imagination, and Journey through a joyous festival of Thailand.

1.The show of Journey Back to Thai History

The main program of Siam Niramit Phuket starts with a little light effect and gradually accelerates with beating sound of victory drum (Klong Sabatchai). The stage leaders – King and Queen of The Ancient Kingdom of Lanna (Northern part of Siam) with a large group pose a worship for victory to the Lord Buddha. This group performs an act like a festival with music.  Later, the royal guards display the swordsmanship which is battle field performance with swords.

The South Seas of Thailand, The southern part of Thailand is full of islands where Muslims and Buddhist live together. The display of mixed culture of two races is beautifully presented where they (Muslims and Buddhist) do their daily activities harmoniously and peacefully. In the meantime, the foreign traders (Chinese) have come to Phuket by a big ship which will enter behind the stage. The astonishing presentation with music and larger background display is unforgettable.

The heritage of Khmer Civilization in the Northeast (Isshan) of Thailand is outstanding. The performers will show the act of the people praying in a temple, and they will see the Apsara, the angel magically shown in their real life. In this segment the visual effect on backstage and performance of trapeze artists is mind-blowing.

The Central Plains: this show is demonstrated to present the difference between two lives – Simple and Magnificent. The people of Ayutthaya lead a simple life by working in the field. Most of them are farmers. On the other hand, life in a palace is luxurious but monotonous. The people of the palace have to obey the govt. duty. This show will present the diplomatic tour of the foreign ambassador by ship.

2.Journey beyond Imagination
Thai people strongly believe in Karma (The activities of daily life). The Karma in this world will be rewarded in the hereafter.

The show of this segment is thrilling and exciting. If you do bad things in your entire life, you will stay at Fiery Hell where flames are fuelled by people’s sins. Phrayom, King of the hell, ensures the punishment of bad souls.

The show of Mystical Himapaan is the forest that exists between the realm of death and heaven imaginably. The forest is populated by the magical kinnaree (Half women songbird) and Naripon (the beautiful girls born from trees as fruit). In this segment, see Mekhala, Ramason, Demi gods of Thai mythology.

Blissful Heaven is the last section of this part. The people who do good in the earth will stay in heaven for eternal life. The performers play aerial dance like angels, Indras, and the greatest deity.

3.Journey through joyous festival
In this segment, the people of Thailand believe in religious activities like ordination ceremonies, Songkran, Loy Krathong, The Pitakhon ghost parade, etc. In this part, performers will show most of the festival activities of Phuket.

Siam Niramit Phuket is a great learning show. You can gather some unique experiences about Thai People, their beliefs and culture through this big presentation. You will have a great time viewing this show.

Other facilities inside of the Theatre Hall

  1. Handicapped Access & Rest Room
  2. Wheelchair facility
  3. Muslim Prayer Room

Go to address

Siam Niramit Phuket

55/81 Moo 5, Chalemprakiet Road,

Rasada (Ratchada) Muang 83000,

Phuket, Thailand